Using Your iPad for Audit Inspections

Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Internal auditing processes should be continuously reviewed, to ensure they don't end up being a system that ends with the identification of problems.

As we discussed in "Facilitating Internal Auditing," digitizing auditing outputs alone makes aggregating and storing the results much easier. Now let's think about an internal inspection that has to be conducted multiple times a month, and that uses a fixed set of questions... Wouldn't it be nice to be able to integrate the questions into the workflow? That would eliminate the need to upload files each time, and would also enable complex monitoring of the results. Depending on the workflow product you use, you may be able to use an iPad or other type of tablet device to directly input inspection results and submit with a "tap of the finger."

Quality Management Simple Check

Of course, the actual checklist you use will differ according to your own business. (You can find some good samples by searching "checklist internal audit" on the Internet.)
As an additional option, the below sample can be used when you want divisions to make a preliminary self-report before conducting the survey.

Quality Management Prior Check