Recording all Marketing Projects—Even the No-Gos

Saturday, February 12, 2011
Marketing projects are usually developed as plans and subjected to discussions in strategy meetings. The marketing department must constantly come up with novel ideas, and in a lot of cases spend tiring nights at the office to get them ready. (If you are one of them, a SaaS type workflow service would be perfect for you.)

It's the marketing department's job to think of innovative ways to promote sales and increase brand recognition. In the process of their work, it's beneficial to have access to past data, i.e., the plans/presentations that were discussed at previous strategy meetings, and the results/conclusions of the discussions. And of course, being able to see how successful campaigns started out is always a plus. (Complaining about typos and presentation formats won't get you anywhere.)

One more thing... adding a task for the department head's evaluation (comments and score) will surely increase reusability.