'Input Form, How will it kook?'

'Input Form' is important for a Workflow system. Particularly, for the person in charge of [Process Modeling](*) at the scene, it worries that how the input screen would come along. You need to seriously think about, for example, what and where a precautionary statement should be described to help the colleagues of the organization. (* Object that the people in charge of the "Process Modeling" created -> Process Model)

With that said, the following is an experiencing sample of the input form. String type, Date type, File type... You can experience inputting into various [Data type items] at one time. Even though you can download only a template that can be imported to the cloud-based workflow "Questetra BPM Suite", "data input experience" might be essential In the selection process of the workflow product.

I am going to upload the template in the "Online Demo". However, because it could have been edited, you should better to import it to your "Free SaaS Edition" if you are a user. (Would not hurt.)

By the way, we have been continuing to provide 'samples' for three and a half years in this website "Workflow-Sample", but I think this article is so much not related to the 'business improvement' for the first time.

[Input Test]
"I must improve the Business Process..."

Many of proprietors and managers think so. But when it comes to be "putting into practice", it is not the so simple story. First of all, as is written in the article of "I Wonder Why My Boss won't Draw Workflow Chart", it is difficult to draw a "Workflow Diagram". (ummm...)
That said, If it is such a business that could be harmful to the "person on the outside the company", I can not even say so. I want to improve the rules and the procedure day by day. It shouldn't be like for example, you don't grasp when and who corresponded (corresponding) to a complaint at "Personal Information Grievance Desk".

The workflow definition below shows the workflow for performing the necessary actions to the "informing and complaining from the outside" received at the Web site.
When you import and run this definition (Process Model), you can make it record all the contacts automatically, and authorized people can monitor the progress of the correspondence to them. An excellent twist, is "able to attach a file". It means they can easily attach an image file which captured on their Smartphones.

# Personally, I want it to be accepted on the Web site to report burned out street lights, instead of a phone call (9:00 to 5:00). (Because we can find it only at night.)

[Personal Information Complaints Corresponding flow]
The questionnaire paper, it leaves the tough work of 'Data entry'.

Even though... passing a pen and a sheet are realistic at 'Exhibition fair' or 'Housing Exhibition'. The next day, facing with its enormous "bunch of questionnaire", to input into Excel with division of labor. (as is often ...) The finished Excel file will be added pie graph and bar graph, and finally will be reported at the meeting.... (Is that all?)

Still, I would like to standardized approach business for "the prospects". (Follow-up plan)

If the procedure can be defined, it is better to input to Workflow (process-oriented system) rather than entering Excel such as (data-oriented systems). (You can export to Excel at ANY time.)

In the following Workflow, each one of the 'prospective client' will be handled in the flow. That is, prospective client data that has been entered, will be underwritten by a salesperson to be confirmed whether or not to visit, with 'appointment by phone'. Then, if it should be visited, the salesperson will approach to see if it could become business talk by visiting.

You can monitor the progress of getting into business talk in real time.

And at the same time, information about 'whether or not got into business talk' will be added to the data written on the questionnaire. Awesome.

[Prospective Client Questionnaire]

"Official Blog Site" of an enterprise is no longer unusual.
Or rather, it is getting to be 'for granted' as well as 'Website'. Needless to mention, it is very convenient for publicity of latest business information. It also could be a tool for communication with customers.

This article has taken the form of a blog of "Workflow sample", as well...
Questetra Inc., is running a blog called "Questetra Blog"...
(Whoops, the official blog of Google's, well well, how many would be there?)

The following Workflow definition, "Official Blog Publishing flow" is (obvious to look into the Process diagram, though) a mechanism that a draft which have reviewed will be automatically posted to blog system. I wish to ensure the readability and accuracy of the article through various devices such as "mechanical automatic cooperation" or "human reviewing process" as in this example.

[Official Blog Publishing flow]