About this site

The purpose of this website https://en.workflow-sample.net is to offer business analysts and
managers with hints on workflow definitions.

Recent development in the business process management (BPM) field has made it
possible to manage information on every aspect of workflows—Who, What, When and
How. This means it is no longer enough to merely regulate company rules and save results;
managers now need to record and optimize the entire process of each work, to manage
how each work is distributed among employees, and to prevent stagnation within the
company by real-time monitoring of employee performance.

Workflows are generally a sequence of tasks that flows from one end to the other. Some
are triggered by external factors (customer inquiries, quotes, etc.) and some by internal
factors (proposals, reports, etc.). Some have tasks that are repeated until the problem is
solved, and some separate the work into several simultaneously executed tasks.

This website addresses all of the above issues and more, offering ideas and samples on
how to define business processes with a focus on flow (how each task is configured) and
organization (who is in charge of each task).

To all our global peers in the common effort of Business Process Management.