"BPO" stands for Business Process Outsourcing.

To outsource non-core business, such as Affairs, Accounting, Personnel, Welfare Program, or Contact Center. Among them, companies that are outsourcing "Information system" are frequently seen. (Especially, it is called "IT outsourcing".)

e.g.: Claim Management, Data Entry, Data Analysis, Agency Management, Sales Training, Product Testing, etc.

For the trustee side, advances of System Integrators, Printing companies, Consulting companies,etc. are remarkable, as well as "BPO Vendor which specialize in BPO" and "Offshore BPO companies which take advantage of low wages of outside country". The market will still continue to expand. (Incidentally, the Japanese BPO market is already one trillion yen, even though the growth is slower compared to the global market.)

In BPO, "visualization of business process" and "development of operation manual" is very important for both entrust and trustee. However, those are difficult. Now, we assume a scenario that a trustee (outsourcer) will propose business process (interim process) on the step of sales negotiation.

The following is a business process for "business of designing and proposing business process". (complicated...)

[Workflow to design Workflow]

"Proposal" is important. A lot of proposals are written with keywords like "New Business", "New Products", "Business Improvement". The more the better for a company. In reality, only a few of those proposal is adopted.

In the following "Proposal Review Workflow", proposals are sieved in each stage. The president will read finally survived proposal only.

But, it is not interesting only to adopt "Survival" of the proposals into business process. Rather you would better make those sieved out proposals into assets of the company. That is, to build an environment that "Reusable Proposal" can be excavated.

[Proposal Review flow]

Every salesman has one's style.

"I hate the word 'Primary Contact'. It sounds inorganic to me. I wanna know clearly what my prospective customers are. Let's call them [A. State of Seeds], or [B. State of Sprout], or [C. State of Harvest]. See? Now it sounds organic!" (I don't get it... )

I feel it is almost out of elegant word of 'SFA', I tried to design a SFA Workflow for him.

[Process Model]

"Weekly Report" and "Daily Report" is an effective tool to visualize situation and plan of team work. (From the manager point of view, it will be important as 'evaluation data' of each member.)

However, those Dailies and Weeklies always ended up "forgotten" or "not submitted".  It would be better to make them displayed in "My Task List" automatically.  In the following Workflow sample, a Task "1. Write Weekly Report" starts up every Monday at 9:00 am. That is "Timer Start Event" starts the Process.  Member users have to do is only to add some and 'save', everyday.  The "Deadline", final submission is Friday, four days after started.

1. Write Weekly Report, 2. Check & Point out, 3. Response to Pointed out, 4. Confirmation