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Monday, November 28, 2011
"BPO" stands for Business Process Outsourcing.

To outsource non-core business, such as Affairs, Accounting, Personnel, Welfare Program, or Contact Center. Among them, companies that are outsourcing "Information system" are frequently seen. (Especially, it is called "IT outsourcing".)

e.g.: Claim Management, Data Entry, Data Analysis, Agency Management, Sales Training, Product Testing, etc.

For the trustee side, advances of System Integrators, Printing companies, Consulting companies,etc. are remarkable, as well as "BPO Vendor which specialize in BPO" and "Offshore BPO companies which take advantage of low wages of outside country". The market will still continue to expand. (Incidentally, the Japanese BPO market is already one trillion yen, even though the growth is slower compared to the global market.)

In BPO, "visualization of business process" and "development of operation manual" is very important for both entrust and trustee. However, those are difficult. Now, we assume a scenario that a trustee (outsourcer) will propose business process (interim process) on the step of sales negotiation.

The following is a business process for "business of designing and proposing business process". (complicated...)

[Workflow to design Workflow]

Once again... This workflow definition is "a Workflow to design an Initial Workflow"

The consultant perform [3. Create Interim Process] for free on outsourcing business of prospective clients company, from "hearings by sales" and "materials that sales got". The "Interim Process" here, may contain some 'delusions', a sales staff will go and propose with the "Interim Process" to prospective clients.

And on the day the sales successfully gets contract on "Business to design initial Workflow", task of creating Formal Process begins. (I just wonder how much the price will be...)

By the way, this workflow definition is not limited to "BPO consulting", it is also applied to "BPM consulting".

[Workflow to design Workflow [3. Create Interim Process] screen]

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