BPMS is also convenient as ' Supporting Complaint Tool'.
*BPMS: Business Process Management System

Indeed, even if a cross-department 'Complaints Support process' has determined, the 'Workflow To Be' would be changed. Adding handling products, changes in company organization, changes in business environment, in some cases it would be altered by periods and seasons. (It is difficult to conventional 'Workflow system' to make it out.)

In addition, we strongly suggest you to consider well on 'Data Items', when you build a 'Complaint Support Workflow'. That is,

  • What kind complaint and how often does it come in?
  • How long does it take to solve certain complaint?
  • Who supports it?

"Operational data" which enables analysis on these, must be recorded strictly.

For example, trying to think about choice data of 'Type of Complaint'... "1.Product Defect, 2.Unclear operating methods, 3.Gaps between the expectation, 4.Others" Are these enough? (Thinking over it, I can't sleep at night)

1.Registration, 2.Designation, 3.Primary Response, 3b.Advise, 4.Final Response, 5.Rating

Paperless FAX Auto-Link To Workflow

Monday, October 24, 2011
Standard BPM activity (business improvement activity) is 'Productivity Improvement'. However, it is not only a few cases to aim 'Paperless' in this Eco era.

Recently, in order to eliminate paper waste FAX receive, "Paperless FAX" (Internet FAX) has been introducing more and more companies. Digitized data, you might as well deliver it surely to the destination. (and everything be recorded)

For a Salesperson, it will be very convenient that he/she can check those FAX away from the office. For a manager, it will be also convenient because FAX transmissions will be visualized, how many and what kind of. (search and aggregation as well)

p.s. By the way, if received FAX paper was left on the FAX machine for hours, this could be 'Productivity Improvement'.

1. Destination Check, 1b. Judgment Destination, 2. FAX Receive Check

SFA stands for Sales Force Automation. That is a system to share "Sales information". Some information is by "walking his/her feet off", some is from "Information Request".

Examples of starting SFA process: Getting name cards at exhibition, applications for sales campaign, Product introduction during supporting claims, etc.

If you want to build your own sales flow, it is one of the way to study "business process to be" in BPM system, not using existing SFA services. The Flow you made would be "the competitiveness" of your own.

Incidentally, your policy that "what kind of Sales Information should be shared" must be seriously considered in advance in pursuing the originality. If the Policy was vague, it would end up mass-production of "salesmen struggling to futile entering work".

<Types of Sales Information>

  • A1. Grasp customer needs 'Visualization of Quote Data'
  • A2. Grasp competitors 'Competition with X's products'
  • A3. Feature customer interested in 'The modeling feature is very popular'
  • A4. Customer's budget 'The budget for 5 years is 100k'
  • B1. To share proposing activity 'I made a visit'
  • B2. To share personal connections 'That Director is my classmate'
  • B3. To share preparation 'Took 2 hours on PowerPoint'
  • B4. Advices 'Should send a letter not Email'
  • C1. Negotiation Schedule 'The settlement seems before the end of Oct.'
  • C2. Success - Failure management 'We Failed'

1a. Request Support, 1b. Lead Info, 2. Assignment, 3. Primary Contact, 4. Contacts, 6. Result

Many businesses will issue a bill on a monthly basis.
Three elements of the Cloud "IaaS. PaaS, SaaS" is not to say, the bill of staffing (business dispatch), Credit sale recovery (many industries such as construction manufacturing industry), etc., in various industries, bills have been issued every month.
Because the Business flow is routine, the effects from optimization and improvement are great.
In the following workflow definition, "Billing flow" for next time is automatically started before finishing current "Billing flow". That is, leaving a copy of itself before it dies. Specifically, "Message Throwing Intermediate Event" (Duplicate) calls up "Message Start Event" (Start Duplication) right after Task [3. Shipping Bill].

0. New order, 1. Charge Info, 2. Check Charge Info, 3. Shipping Bill, 4. Payment Confirmation

Fault! Report It Through Workflow!

Monday, October 3, 2011
Accuracy and swiftness are indispensable in fault publication. Especially, how the time can be shortened between occurrence and primary announcement. Presentation format of "Fault report" may be different depending on businesses (industries), but to create statement it is almost the same process (Workflow)
  • Web Business (Web Services in wide sense)
  • Data center Business
  • SaaS Business
  • Communication Business
  • Transportation Authority
Furthermore, it is apt to forget, it is most important to closely analyze on gathered information of those fault. Not only improve business processes in case of fault occurrence, we want to analysis periodically of support history such as time reported.

1. Fault Detection Report, 2. Assignment, 3a. Primary Statement, 3b. Primary Report (application), 3c. Primary Report (Infrastructure), 4a. Scheduled Announcement Update,
4b. Scheduled Recovery Report (application), 4c. Scheduled Recovery Report (Infrastructure), 5. Check Primary Statement, 6. Check Recovery Completed