Monthly Billing Operation for Automatic Renewal Business

Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Many businesses will issue a bill on a monthly basis.
Three elements of the Cloud "IaaS. PaaS, SaaS" is not to say, the bill of staffing (business dispatch), Credit sale recovery (many industries such as construction manufacturing industry), etc., in various industries, bills have been issued every month.
Because the Business flow is routine, the effects from optimization and improvement are great.
In the following workflow definition, "Billing flow" for next time is automatically started before finishing current "Billing flow". That is, leaving a copy of itself before it dies. Specifically, "Message Throwing Intermediate Event" (Duplicate) calls up "Message Start Event" (Start Duplication) right after Task [3. Shipping Bill].

0. New order, 1. Charge Info, 2. Check Charge Info, 3. Shipping Bill, 4. Payment Confirmation

We are not foolishly talking about merely "Accelerating of Monthly Closing" here. The most important thing in BPM is to visualize business progress in realtime. The point is starting next billing process before the Task [4. Payment Confirmation](Reconciliation). If there was a process that [4. Payment Confirmation] had not finished at settlement deadline, some sort of improvement would be needed.
And 'the total sales' is of course, also 'Sales of the next month' will be visualized from those process data accumulated. Also, because 'Customer Information' (so called Clients Master) will be kept on duplicated as process data, 'Master Maintenance' will be done in the monthly billing process.

[Monthly Billing [2. Check Charge Info] screen]

[Message Throwing Intermediate Event (HTTP) setting screen 'Duplicate' screen]

[Message in Sales Div. screen]

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