The Act of National Identity Number demands;
  • a. accuracy: 'Don't you ever mistype.'
  • b. legitimacy: 'Make sure if it is the right person'
from enterprises. The "Individual Number Application Processes" which I introduced before;
were obtaining processes which comply with the concept of the Act. Also, these were very simple.

The personnel (Accounting department) who checks the numbers just walks to the desks of employees to check the number following an instruction which is described on the Application Form screen; 'Please collate with the "notification card at a later date'. The personnel can answer to questions about Identification Number or other operations of the management, on that occasion. This would be sufficient for Small businesses. (Rather, convenient.)

However, there are a variety of problems, if it was for 'Application Process of Large-scale business'.

Imagine a company that employs more than 100 teleworkers, or an enterprise that hires 100 part-timers every month. It would be no longer possible to check to find out "a. Mistyped number" and "b. Impersonating number" only by the staffs of Accounting. The know-how in the Accounting department would also be dispersed. And I have to say it is helpless against people who are getting job pretending to be someone deliberately, or who are trying to disperse their income. (Regarding to "Mistyped number", You might be able to avoid the majority of it using the "Check Digit". - Previous Article)

Generally speaking, an organization that manpower of its management department is not enough, has to take strategies such as
  • X. Apportion the collation within the organization. (All store managers or all section chiefs confirm)
  • Y. Ask them to attach documents sufficient to collate in online.

The Workflow example below is in the idea of "X. Apportion".

[Individual Number Application flow-3]
"Mistyping" in registration of the Individual number... That could be... (Scary..)

From my experience, applications from employees contains 5 to 10% of "typo". (And always they were from veterans, instead of part-timers!) Despite you specially had your employees registering their Individual number to use for public procedures such as Income-tax or Social insurance, you will have to do it all over again, if the 'registered number' is wrong. (What a tragedy!)

In assumption of Individual Number Act, it is duties of company side which are 1) to obtain accurate 12-digit number, and 2) to confirm its identification. However, you cannot say "Don't screw it up!" to an employee who has many children, because he or she have to type 12-digit numbers as much as family members.

In the following Workflow, it performs "Check Digit Verification" upon entering Individual number.

That is, it will alert an input error if the 12-digit number is "impossible for an Individual number" upon entry. This scheme alone will reduce erroneous input significantly. By the way, this Workflow is an expansion of previous entry, so the basic flow and data item definitions are the same.

[Individual Number Application flow-2]
The government of Japan is going to adopt the National Identification Number system.

It is unavoidable for the efficiency of the entire social system.

Business Processes in either of Administrative or private company will be drastically changed.

In anyway, a "Notification card" will be delivered by Registered post in October this year (2015), to a new born baby or an elderly who has listed on the Resident card'. Thus, I would like to consider about a Workflow that will be needed immediately for companies, in this blog article. (I'm not going to mention about the entire picture of the system that will be expanded to "Social security, Taxation, and Disaster response" plus alpha...)

The following Workflow is a very simple flow for 'Application of Individual number'.

Almost all the companies have obligations of "payment of income tax" (withholding) and "join in insurance and pension" for the employees. That means there are no choice but 'collect Individual numbers'. It is a must to collect accurately from all employees, even from board directors. It may better to get application of the number earlier, both for the company itself and employees. (Before they miss the 'Notification card...)

[Individual Number Application flow]

Internal Audit Office or Outside directors conduct a survey to employees of up to four people.

If you think normally, it will be;
  1. create a "Step to set the survey"in the upstream,
  2. to the downstream, create four "Replying Step" by dividing the Process into four.
Of course, to be able to answer without being misled by the other people's opinion, let each person be invisible to each other by separating the answer column to fill.

For this business flow, we have been discussing this and that over the past three weeks already.

However, in these Workflow, although the contents of the answer are invisible, "who are the subject of the survey" is obvious. So, it is difficult to use in the case that each of the employees should answer independently, or the case that you want to conceal the survey itself.

* You may say I can conduct the survey in four times, but it is cumbersome...

The following is a Workflow that conceals "other respondents" by separating the Replying Step as an independent Business Process.

[Progress Report process-Parent Process]

[Progress Report process-Child Process]

Explanations of 'Business Process Management' are hard to understand...
They should rather say 'Platform for routine work'...

Some people in the position of general employee would say so. Aside the word choice on explanations, it is very thankful that you will be able to know what you should do by taking a glance at "My Tasks" (To do list) on the Cloud. The keywords of 'Anywhere' and 'Anytime' are also important in the aspect of remote working.

However, at that time, you will be discouraged if you find plenty of 'Tasks that has exceeded its deadline' have been left over.

The following is a routine (Business Process) that is designed to prevent the occurrence of such a situation. A Task of "Reply to Survey" will vanish at "Reply-deadline" by itself.

[Progress Report process-w/Deadline]