In the case of writing a 'Description of the company', for example, there will be various ways such as;
  • Lightly in short sentences / tightly in long sentences
  • Current property / history of the past

Or in the case of writing a 'description of a product', the way of writing may vary according to
  • to write concept of the product / details of the functions
  • to write toward people who see for the first time / write toward people who already know

Certainly, for the experienced staffs, the ' writing' could be done quick and easy. However, for rookies and newcomers, it would be a time-consuming duty.

The following Business Process is a Workflow for registering "reusable sentence (template)", and at the same time, accepting "Improving comments". It might be a knowledge database, rather than a workflow. It is not only to improve the deskwork efficiency, but also to build common recognition in the company. (Also for people who register, it becomes note for future reference.)
  1. Originating (ordinary): Product introduction, Technology description, Business description
  2. Originating (extraordinary): Failure announcement, Emergency action report, Questioning
  3. Replying: Appreciation for inquiry, Apology to the complaint, Refusal against Sales

[Registration of Template and Review]
"Competitive quotes" are important.

"RFQ" should be created properly not only in listed companies, but also in every company. These will be notified to the suppliers, and then should be saved as important business records together with the subsequent business data ("quote from the suppliers" and "evaluation to each estimate", etc.).
(RFQ: Request for Quotation / Request for Price Quotation)

The following Business Processes is a Competitive Quotes flow for general purpose. (Procurement)

From "purchasing of raw materials" to "Planning of Company outing", it can be utilized for various RFQ. All the progress of procurement will be automatically recorded / visualized when you import this flow into your Workflow platform and run it as a business system.
  • 1). RFQ will be sent automatically,
  • 2). Received quotes will be attached,
  • 3). Quote will be evaluated by two people,
  • 4a). Notification to the winner will be transmitted automatically,
  • 4b). Notification for the loser will be transmitted automatically.

Needless to say, there will be benefits in various aspects, such as business records, knowledge sharing and internal control.
  • Destinations of past RFQ will be be referable
  • Track records of answers from requestee (suppliers) will be referable
  • Track records of evaluation of requestee (suppliers) will be referable
  • Frauds and unsavory ties will be prevented

[Competitive Quotes flow]

Everyone would actively do the jobs that are accumulated in the [Waiting to be Underwritten].

Although it sounds very justifiable, sometimes there could be a "Sense of Unfairness".
  • Same wage even if has underwritten a lot of work?
  • Don't monopolize the jobs just because of percentage pay!

Indeed, there could be dissatisfaction either fixed wage or percentage pay. "Get the job done quickly for the customer" is not always justice in the world. That is, there are jobs that "should be shared evenly.

The following Business Process diagram represents so-called "Data Entry". The notable point is that the jobs are allocated in "taking turns".

It is applicable for
  • Making received slips into text file
  • Aggregation of questionnaire in paper
  • Aggregation of application postcard
  • Voice to Text transcription
  • Making the past Document into text file

Incidentally, if you operate this business processes in a Workflow system on the Internet, it will become a good "telework support system". Surprising enough, it is also equipped with automatic counting function of the "number of input characters" so that it can be compensated if it exceeds the assumed input quantity. The first place, because the flow itself is simple, it is also easy to extend the idea according to each industry business category. It seems likely to be able to play a role in policy promotion of the Japanese government, such as 'Teleworking" and "Regional revitalization".

[Data Entry flow]

'By any means, trying to speed up the approval speed!'

To do so,,,
  1. Digitize the proposal document
  2. Flatten the Organizational structure
  3. Shorten the Approval channel

Whoops, that is too obvious, so I'm embarrassed just listing them...

The following Business Process is a sample case of Project approval flow in a Marketing Division.

It is operated under the concept of "should be prompt decision" as long as it meets conditions which are,
  • the proposer is motivated enough,
  • he/she is appreciated by the Boss,
  • (no information deficiencies to be reworked)

The decisions will be made 'in approximately 30 minutes', when you try to operate it actually.

They say, because of so much of the speediness, they were regret badly after running this Decision making system (Workflow) for commissioning, such as
  • What the heck was 'Paper proposal document' till yesterday?
  • Why the heck I was waiting for 'signature on paper proposal?

[Marketing Project Planning flow]

There are plenty of internet service that referred to as 'Fashion Mail order site'. Not only those websites that sell 'apparel goods' such as 'Casual wear', 'wear to work' and 'underwear', some will provide total outfits coordinating from shoes, accessories to sundries. Or, some websites are specialized in such as "Maternity Goods" or "Disney characters". And yet, they sell cheaper than real stores. (Price competition, cheers! <- consumer perspective)

However, on the other hand, their 'Delivery times' could be the weakness.

There would be cases that 'own packing system' in 'own warehouse' is required for maintaining their attentive services. Their merchandise which they are particular about, like imported goods, would be in small lots inevitably. But for Japanese people who got used to Amazon jp or Askul (an office goods supplier specialized on one day delivery), they cannot wait for 3, 4 days. (Nerve-racking consumers! <- online store perspective)

The following Workflow is a Business Process example of so called 'Mail order fulfillment service'.

When a BPO outsourcee proposes logistic outsourcing (Back office outsourcing), the "Merchandise to be outsourced" (some or all) which are based on the consumer perspective as above, will be presented. As a matter of course, operating of Workflow system should be proposed together to appeal the capability of understanding all the progress of outsourced work anytime. It makes easier to explain about optional services like 'X-ray inspection'.

[Outsourcers Shipment Request]

[Outsourcees Pick Pack Ship]