We will redesign the definition of "Decision-making flow" on this occasion.
  • Internal regulations have been established in preparation for stock listing,
  • Organizational structure has been flattened.
Since the business rule became simple, I will rewrite the 'Business Process Definition' from scratch, rather than to modify existing definition. That's what I thought, so I redesigned "Decision-making flow".

Whereas, I cannot discard data of past decision-making. Actually,I need to 'Refer' or to 'Search' them. Also 'Quarterly summary' and 'Summurise by sections'...

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Especially, I think it is significant that to keep data of the same month last year in the state of easy reference. These are very important reference information to make new 'project' or 'determination'. Hmm, isn't there any way how to migrate the business data of the past, to the "Decision-making Workflow" which newly operating?

[Decision-making Approval flow]
'Renewal of Maintenance Service Contract' demands more sales force than you think.

You know what, my firm provides 'Maintenance Service for Communication Equipment', but they haven't adopted "Auto-renewal" for the contracts. So, each time, I have to request my customers to make their "Renewal Procedure" and the "Payment". I guess a salesman for insurance would feel the same way; it is tough...

Well, as the business manual, first I send an email asking 'Please renew the contract'. (Of course, the sales personnel must make phone call or visit the customer, afterward.)

  1. 60 days before Expiration : 'Acknowledgement of Renewal'
  2. 30 days before Expiration : 'Reminder for Service Expiration'
  3. 7 days before Expiration : 'Notice of Service Expiration'
  4. 7 days after Expiration : 'Appreciation for your long term usage of our service'

In those emails of four in total, the mail body and sent date,etc. are already set by the Workflow system. Therefore, all I have to do is only to transmit them without any modifying, normally. However, it is quite difficult not to forget to do, somehow.

So, I imagine if they could be sent automatically when they have been left till 'transmission day'. (I don't care it might cross.)

[Sales Activity for Contract Renewal]

Billing job? It's simple. Just to print out 'invoice PDF' and put it into window envelope. (Though, it's the words by accounting stuff.)

Data for the billing, such as 'Contents of Delivery' or 'Billing Address' has been set in the data items of "Order-Delivery process" already... The 'Invoice PDF' has been generated automatically on the Workflow... So, inputting errors by the Accounting personnel will never happen. Yeah, things have become convenient nowadays. I'm not good at typing, so I'm so happy that I don't have to. (Of course, I always check on Billing amount and the date, etc., if they are properly or not.)


Actually, there are some Steps that some sort of skills are required among such billing jobs... The Reporting of when Non-payment occurs is that. That is, 'How to report to in-house smoothly, when the payment from the customer could not be confirmed on the deadline day'. It may sounds trashy, but it is difficult to be done properly.
For instance, suppose if I sent an email to a in-house Sales person in one afternoon, in insipid single line sentence such as 'I don't' confirm the payment from ***, Co..', it will make some kind of bad atmosphere. Whereas, if my report delayed, the supervisor will blame it on me... (Either way, there will be no praise for me.)

Hmm, is there a way to improve the Business Process, like automatically (1) Fixed form email will be sent to whom concerned, and (2) Demanding Task will be assigned to the salesperson?

[Billing-Payment Confirmation flow 1]
In the morning, a Task in the title of "Daily Report, Nov. 4th" is added in your 'My Tasks'.

Not bad...

If it were not for this function, you would have forgotten to submit 'Daily Report' on the half of the weekdays. (I'm sure about it.) Incidentally, 'Submit by the time you leave' is its rule. Submit it on the next day, even if you forgot. Even worse, in the morning after the next, at least.


Although all the members are flowing a 'Daily' on this Workflow in their own way,,, I'm aware of something wrong in this function of [Automated Start].

That is, the mechanism is that the Task is automatically added to 'my Tasks' of all in every morning of Monday to Friday, whereas it will be piled up in vain when you took a few days off.
For example;
  • Bereavement leave, major holidays, Christmas holidays, etc..
  • Childcare leave, maternity leave, nursing leave, etc..
  • (There might be irregular shift workers...)
Well, on the Reports for few days, you would have worked hard, one by one. But for amount of 30 day, 60 days, or even for one year, it is definitely impossible.

[Daily Report flow 1]