Importing the Records of Decision-making of the Past in Bulk

Tuesday, November 25, 2014
We will redesign the definition of "Decision-making flow" on this occasion.
  • Internal regulations have been established in preparation for stock listing,
  • Organizational structure has been flattened.
Since the business rule became simple, I will rewrite the 'Business Process Definition' from scratch, rather than to modify existing definition. That's what I thought, so I redesigned "Decision-making flow".

Whereas, I cannot discard data of past decision-making. Actually,I need to 'Refer' or to 'Search' them. Also 'Quarterly summary' and 'Summurise by sections'...

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Especially, I think it is significant that to keep data of the same month last year in the state of easy reference. These are very important reference information to make new 'project' or 'determination'. Hmm, isn't there any way how to migrate the business data of the past, to the "Decision-making Workflow" which newly operating?

[Decision-making Approval flow]

So, I tried adding a 'Start Event' for data migration.

It's a pattern to Start the Workflow using the so-called API, and because it is directly connected to the "End Event", there is no Step as a Workflow. Added Starting point's icon is referred as "Message Start Event (HTTP)".

After all, it is a strategy that data shaping 'past business data to be migrated' (which has been collected with Export function) in Microsoft Excel, and pouring it using "Batch launch VBA script". Although 'Script skill' is required to do this, it is used only for data migration, and later on, this 'API Start Event' will be erased. So, it will be unlikely to become the maintenance problems afterward, I think. (Of course, it is good that data shaping in Google SpreadSheet, and pouring with "Batch launch GAS script" (Google Apps Script.)

In addition, I made
  • Proposer
  • External Payment
  • Internal Cost
  • Summary and Payee
  • Date of Approved
indispensable as the data to be migrated. And also I have migrated data such as 'Drafted Date' and 'Spent Time on Decision', if they are remained.

Wow, 'Batch Migration' is convenient!

P.S. By the way, the attached File data cannot be handled anyway by the VBA script. You need to devise something like, to attach one by one by "Edit Data function", or to organize the URL of the file location in "text type".

[Decision-making Approval flow-Data Migration]

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