Create a Mechanism that 'Daily Report' which might have been Piled up, won't be so!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014
In the morning, a Task in the title of "Daily Report, Nov. 4th" is added in your 'My Tasks'.

Not bad...

If it were not for this function, you would have forgotten to submit 'Daily Report' on the half of the weekdays. (I'm sure about it.) Incidentally, 'Submit by the time you leave' is its rule. Submit it on the next day, even if you forgot. Even worse, in the morning after the next, at least.


Although all the members are flowing a 'Daily' on this Workflow in their own way,,, I'm aware of something wrong in this function of [Automated Start].

That is, the mechanism is that the Task is automatically added to 'my Tasks' of all in every morning of Monday to Friday, whereas it will be piled up in vain when you took a few days off.
For example;
  • Bereavement leave, major holidays, Christmas holidays, etc..
  • Childcare leave, maternity leave, nursing leave, etc..
  • (There might be irregular shift workers...)
Well, on the Reports for few days, you would have worked hard, one by one. But for amount of 30 day, 60 days, or even for one year, it is definitely impossible.

[Daily Report flow 1]

[Human Task property screen]

[Daily Report flow 2]

I know, it will be good if I make it to be [Ended] automatically. (* Timer Boundary Event)

Doing so, I won't be working on piled up Daily Report Tasks right after my Christmas holidays.

Well, I feel some kind of pitifulness that automatically [Started] and [Ended],,, but it's alright...

[Data Items List]

[Script Setting screen]

[Daily Report flow:'1. Enter Daily Report' screen]

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