How to 'Start Temporary' Own Application by Email

Monday, October 27, 2014
There is a term of "Business Process Improvement".

A person who speak of it in abbreviation BPI, may be a severe 'Improvement-maniac'. Nevertheless, to keep on delusioning a vision of a 'Business Process' To-Be on the daily basis, is wonderful. After all, After all, Day-to-day operations of all would be a subject that should be improved along with the progress of science and technology. A "Business Process Management System" is merely a tool to help for conceiving the improvement idea. No improvement, no growth!

Well... I have covered the Business Processes that employees to submit their 'Improvement proposals', so far. Those are in the following two articles which explains effective frameworks for an Organization to accumulate improvement ideas.

However, ideas always come up suddenly. Particularly, a good idea that I hit upon, it comes up always on unfavorable occasion... In my bed, in shower, or even in the bathroom... Then, the next moment, it starts to evaporate into the air.

On such a scene, you'd better type it down on the email apps in your Smartphone.

In the following Business Process definition sample, I have added a trick that on receiving an email of 'scribble of an idea', it will be saved as a draft in [My Tasks] of the sender. That is, you will brush up your 'scribbled idea' into a formal 'Improvement proposal' to submit, when next time you are at your desk.

[Improvement Proposal flow (Designation / Email start)]
[Improvement Proposal flow (Designation / Email start):'1'. Proposal Entry' screen]

This Workflow will be triggered by 'Email receiving'. Moreover, the operator of the first Task will be designated automatically by reference to the 'From Address' of the email.

Although an auto-processing for designation (a script of few lines) is required, this is very convenient. I want you to try this for it can be applied to other businesses.

It should be noted that, an error will occur if the From Address (the sender) is not registered as BPMS User. You'll have to be careful, if you are using more than one email address.

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