Data Structure of an 'In-house Questionnaire' that Gathers n Answers to One Project

Monday, October 6, 2014
Continuing to the last article, let's study about a business of 'In-house questionnaire'. The last time, we have considered about a general Workflow that is capable of giving 'arbitrary questionnaire' to 8 people at most. There were two points:
  • Prepared Swimlanes for 8 people and
  • Designed that the answer data from 8 to be stored.
It is good that it makes possible to do various surveys.

However, it is not realistic that giving a questionnaire to 50, 100 people in this method. Of course, you can expand the Workflow to:
  • A. Preparing 100 Swimlanes and
  • B. Defining answer data from 100 people to be stored
It seems nonsense in several meanings. Among them, what is problematic in particular is that it is 'very inconvenient format' for data aggregation. From the aspect of aggregation, it should be recorded in the unit of 'Answers', instead of 'Questionnaire'.

The following Business Process example is a definition of two separate Business process of 'Preparation of Questionnaire' and 'Answers to Questionnaire', so that to be the solution to the 'Problem of diverging data items'. Each of them will become a format of easy-to-be-aggregated, by connecting Business processes which are different in its 'repeating unit' such as n answers against one given questionnaire.

[Questionnaire Preparation flow]

[Questionnaire Answer flow (User Designation)]

[Questionnaire Answer flow (User Designation):'1. Answering' screen]

In this example, Business processes which are different in its 'repeating unit' are connected.

The child process Model of 'Questionnaire Answer flow' will be called from the parent Model of 'Questionnaire Preparation flow'. In other words, it creates multiple new projects in the child process model, by sending data from each Issue in the 'Parent Process Model' to the published *API of the 'Child Process model.

* APIs (Process Model Connecting API) which can be published in Process Model Local

What should be noticed is, new Issues will be started with the assignment of 'who answers', by handing over the User type data (operating personnels). (The Swimlanes are defined in the method of referring to User type data.)

You will be able to carry out various In-house questionnaires casually by using these devices.

[Data items List: Questionnaire Preparation flow]
[Data items List: Questionnaire Answer flow]

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