I'm going to consider "Starter Template" of the 2016 edition.

This time, it is going to be the 2nd of the series, "Procurement Request" in simplicity.

This procurement flow is a Workflow that allows you to comfortably make requests for anything you think you want to or should buy.

That is, it is possible to request for anything, as long as being an employee, from consumable goods such as "copy paper", "drinking water", or "detergent", to fixtures like "desk", "vacuum cleaner", or "personal computer". However, it is left to the Procurement Department for actually whether or not purchased. Especially, for those difficult to determine the need and urgency, it will be in a status of "pending the decision for purchase" for long term.

Incidentally, "being approved on the Approval flow" in advance will be the premise of purchasing of the "application for purchasing items of more than 100,000 JPY ".

[Procurement Request]

I'm going to consider "Basic Business Pack" of the 2016 edition.

This time I will introduce a simple "approval flow", for the first of the series.

It's nothing but basically
  1. an employee submits a plan and
  2. his/ her superior approves it.
That's what it's all about.

This Workflow is just a good template to "get used" to the online Workflow system. It will be sufficient to give some alteration to "Remark" (input hint) in the input form for your own usage. Yet, it will be more likely to be used longer.

If you are
  • thinking to quit approval documents in paper
  • feeling a limit to the approval documents management in MS-Excel or Google Spreadsheet

I would like you to try running it within a small team for commissioning by importing this Workflow to "Questetra BPM Suite", a Workflow platform for Free

[Planning-Approval flow]

The last time, I published a case of cooperation with "Corporate Identification Number System" (Web-API).

◇2015-12-07: Brush-up on Customer Master Data by "Corporate Identification Number System Web-API"

This Business Process is a mechanism to automatically check if "the Names of Businesses in connection have changed" or not every week. It is automatically started at six o'clock in every Sunday morning. Human beings can detect naturally something to be corrected has occurred in "Customer Master (XML)".

However, it is on the assumption that "all the company has a Corporate Number". That is, it makes inquiry about all the companies listed one by one toward the "Web-API system". In reality, there exist trade partners who do not have Corporate Number. (Sole traders, foreign companies, etc.)

In the following Business Process Definition, it tolerate the presence of dummy number of "9999999999999" (13-digit 9) in the "Customer Master".

That is, it is the rule that to register "13-digit 9" for the business partners like overseas clients that do not have a Corporate Number. In addition, it is devised to make request for 10 instances at one time, toward "Web-API system".

[Automatic check of Trade-name Registration in Customer Master #2]

"Company name (trade name) will be changed."
"Transaction company will be changed for a group restructuring."

You may have often received "Name change notification letters" from suppliers. However, it is really insecure to carry out maintenance on"Customer Master data", only relying on such a letter.

Since December 1st, 2015, the Japanese government has started running a "Web-API function" for the "Corporate Number system".

If the application side has obtained the "Corporate Number of business partners" (13-digit number), it is possible to refer the registration information such as the business name and location of the customer, at any time. In addition, it is now able to detect change information (processing segment), such as the "Name Change", "Merger", "Company dissolution".

The following workflow definition is a mechanism to automatically detect "Name changes", utilizing this "Web-API function".

Here, we assume that the "Business Partner Master" (Business-Connection. xml) is present on the Workflow platform. In other words, trade names that are registered in the "Business Partner Master" will be confirmed if it is as the same as the information registered in government. It is set to be automatically run every Sunday morning.

[Automatic check of Trade-name Registration in Customer Master]