To issue a Bill.
People who have experience of working in Accounting Department, would know how I feel great doing it.

Creating documents are cumbersome.
An exceptional handling might have been needed for some customers.
But, however, when I understand that "each one of these are the fruits of my colleagues", I will be more passionate working on those , hard and without any mistake.

[Billing Payment Confirmation Flow]

To ask somebody to work. In many cases, they tell the contents of the work request by a one-on-one communication, such as "email" or "verbal". But realistically, the one who "has been asked it" and even the one who "asked it", totally forget about the request as if it never existed in the next day. Inbox is a graveyard of 'Work Request'.

Especially, working with Workflow, workers concentrate to work on Tasks in "My tasks" list. So that such 'verbal request' will be forgotten for sure because it is not in the list.

Well... now...let's think about taking the simplest 'work request' into Workflow. As a matter of course, basic task flow is quite simple. That is, it is consist of three steps, [1. Request a Work], then [2. Complete the Work], and at last [3. Confirm Completion].

[General-purpose work request flow]

'Obtaining multiple quotations', it is quite a day-to-day work.
In particular, there is price competition between distributors such as electricity products and moving services . The ordering side, basically makes a contract to trader who gave quote less expensive.
On the other hand however, it is not so simple to compare companies such as consign System Development or Designing, by price. Because they have differences of "level of recognition on order side company situation", and also they have likes and dislikes.

Well honestly,,, I don't think this business template is ready to use, because situation of procurement is different between the companies. Yet, I sincerely would like you to establish a Workflow of "Competitive Quotations and Vendor Selection flow".
At least, it is tremendously significant to record progress from 'multiple Quotations' to 'vendor selection' and 'the final contract'. When you count to ten contracts recorded, you will see various 'problems'.

In the Workflow below, the procurement personnel who collects quotations from vendors, is different to evaluation personnel who selects a vendor by their quotations. You can call it a Workflow definition that prevent fraudulent transactions.

[Competitive Quotations and Vendor Selection flow]

A staff greets to new member of her/his family. Yes, how happy it is to welcome new life. On the other hand, various procedures to the company and government offices is also waiting for her/him. For the staff her/himself, those procedures are rather "anxious" than "troublesome" because it happens not so often in her/his life.

The company could support those anxious and troublesome procedures that come along with the 'happy occasion'. In the cases of Japan, staff must make 'child born report', because the social insurance related procedures are carried out through a company. Why don't you starting "total procedure support, including procedure in government offices", using the report as trigger?

[Childbirth Procedures flow]