"Proposal" is important in business for corporation.

In reality, although there is only way for those proposals 'To be created at the discretion of each individual salesperson', but their Sales executive must always worry that "I suspect if they present sloppy proposals..." But possibly, there might be a guy who is making 'a once in a lifetime proposal' at this moment. (It's the communication that counts!)

In anyhow, we would like to visualize 'the progress of creating proposal' for re-usability of it, and want to develop an environment conducive to give and to receive advices from colleagues. Here, we try to implement a business rule of "Get reviewed by at least one person before submit!" with Workflow.

[Proposal and Review flow(Taskfeed) ]

A concept of "Group", which is employed in many system such as Os including UNIX / Linux, or directory services as well as business system. In recent years, Google Apps become having two concepts, "Organization" and "Group".

"Organization" is to manage a company's organizational structure in a tree structure. "Sales" "Marketing Department", "Corporate Planning Department"... To each belonging member is configured. That configuration is not set so often except Move or organizational change. In other hand, for "Group" can be set variety of coordination, regardless of the organization structure. "Football club", "Board of Directors" "General Manager (s approvable of 500,000 yen)," etc.

Now, we call it "Role" on a group which can be set without regard to organizational structure in Questetra BPM Suite. (Ver 8.3 or later) Let's see how a Decision making Workflow is defined with both of "organizational structure" and "Role approval authority".

[Decision Making flow(Org. Role)]

Basic of consumables management is "purchase approval process" and "using process".
If the Workflow management advances, in addition to the above, "conversion process" you may be tempted to manage as well.

However, when you manage each of them in different processes, so-called "number of stock" will not be recognized. In this article, we would like to think about "supplies purchasing and using applications" which integrates the entire process of "supplies management system". Of course, the quantity of the item become "-1" at the time "using application".

In this way, "the latest log" and "change of stock graph" will be able to be verified any time with Excel download or Google Spread Sheet button. (wonderful!)

Note that if you expand the range of consumable items too much from the beginning, the whole work will not go well. How about starting with 'postage stamps' and 'revenue stamps'?

[Stamp application]

In Japan, there are qualifications to act for "Legal Procedure"
  • Certified Tax Accountant for 'Tax office'
  • Shiho-shoshi Lawyer for 'Legal Affairs Bureau / Court'
  • Gyosei-shoshi Lawyer for 'Government office'
  • Patent Attorney for 'Patent Office'
That means for a company, must choose to ask those agencies, or to do by themselves on the "Legal Procedure". In either case, it has to be exactly recorded as a company Operation.

Introduce a Workflow and leave exact record of Operations. Not only leaving the deliverables of Capital proceedings, you'd better to try to share realtime progress of Legal Registration.

Here, we introduce a Workflow for "Capital Increase" (Capital proceedings). The final document which created at the end of the Workflow is "Application for Corporation Alteration Registration" for 'Bureau of Legal Affairs', but it is a long way to get there...

[Capital proceedings - Stockholders' Meeting]

Gundam Sortie Workflow 2

Monday, January 2, 2012
Happy New Year!

In the previous article, space had run out in the middle of "Gundam Sortie Workflow".
So we'd like to continue to describe the rest. If you haven't read the previous article, please read it first.

The important operation comes after is [3. Command to Sortie].
It is also up to Captain Bright Noah's decision in his mind. But actual 'Order' will be transmitted by Communication Officer, Sayla Mass. In the cases like this, an operation is separated into 'Direction' and 'Operation', a Workflow system is also useful.

That is, the director monitors progress of the process after making important decision on process came through the Workflow. It helps him to concentrate on "the next decision" or "emergency command". It is more better if the operating screen for the director is simpler.

And then pilot Amuro Ray sortie. (Finally!)
As business process definition, receiving [3. Command to Sortie] from Sayla Mass, a Communication Officer, only react [4. Accept Sortie]. For the flow here, he cannot [Return] the Task. There's no time to fuss saying "Not even my own father hit me before!".
Of course, there are no way to refuse the sortie for a fifteen year old boy, when beautiful seventeen year old girl speaks to him " Listen Amuro, you are a real talent..."

[Gundam Sortie Workflow 2]