Gundam Sortie Workflow 2

Monday, January 2, 2012
Happy New Year!

In the previous article, space had run out in the middle of "Gundam Sortie Workflow".
So we'd like to continue to describe the rest. If you haven't read the previous article, please read it first.

The important operation comes after is [3. Command to Sortie].
It is also up to Captain Bright Noah's decision in his mind. But actual 'Order' will be transmitted by Communication Officer, Sayla Mass. In the cases like this, an operation is separated into 'Direction' and 'Operation', a Workflow system is also useful.

That is, the director monitors progress of the process after making important decision on process came through the Workflow. It helps him to concentrate on "the next decision" or "emergency command". It is more better if the operating screen for the director is simpler.

And then pilot Amuro Ray sortie. (Finally!)
As business process definition, receiving [3. Command to Sortie] from Sayla Mass, a Communication Officer, only react [4. Accept Sortie]. For the flow here, he cannot [Return] the Task. There's no time to fuss saying "Not even my own father hit me before!".
Of course, there are no way to refuse the sortie for a fifteen year old boy, when beautiful seventeen year old girl speaks to him " Listen Amuro, you are a real talent..."

[Gundam Sortie Workflow 2]

[Gundam Sortie Workflow 2: "3. Command to Sortie" screen]

[Mail Setting Screen]

And then, got into the battle.
In the middle of the battle, battle situation reports ([5. Report Battle Situation]) which pilots scribble in discussion type enter form one after another, will be recorded ([5x. Report Battle Situation/Record]) by Communication Officer Sayla Mass in beautiful sentences. (absolutely impossible)
Also it is available to notify to all officers and crew by email at critical phase.

Now, the astute reader would suspect if "commands by Captain Bright Noah are not necessary to be recorded" or if "reports by fright controller are not necessary to be recorded". I'll tell you that to run a Workflow properly, decision that dare not to record (not to design) those "the small task Lurking behind business" are important.

That is, for example, with the data recorded in this Workflow, officials of Earth Federation can grasp the conditions of the field in real time. If you try to collect any and all business data, running the Workflow itself would be severe, so the main business "battle" has become neglected. You'd better start from clarifying the start point, the end point and the principal process to design a business process, and to run the Workflow.

I just...
personally, want to remain traffic control record especially by Oscar Dublin. Oscar Dublin (one with grasses on) who is the one reported "It's approaching in thrice the speed!" only by watching radar monitor. It really is a business record of 'Professional', and it should be inherited.
The Process Diagram above is to define such a business process. The difference between the one in the previous article is the traffic controller can continue recording ([5y. Report Battle Situation/Record])or not.

Just to be sure, although many people understand "overall performance" was three times, those specialists say only the "Mobility" was that good. (Who care that shit?)

Ready to use template is there to be download, hope you to use it in your business field. (Who dare to do? )