Gundam Sortie Workflow

Monday, December 26, 2011
Let’s make the process (workflow) so that sortie Gundam. This process will help rookie soldiers successfully work for the fight. It is quite helpful. (I wonder really it is helpful…)

“Gundam Sortie Workflow” defined in this article is composed of roughly four tasks: “1. Detecting Enemies”, “2. Order Action Station”, “3. Sortie Command” and “4. Sortie”. However, there is a case that no sortie is actually done. So we must take care of where the bifurcated points are defined and when the process is finished on the way. Let’s learn more detail!

First, this process starts from “1. Detecting Enemies”. There are two cases such as radar detects enemies automatically and humans find enemies visually. Anyhow, a flight controller must report to the Captain. From the point of view of designing workflow, you should not list detailed development in this case. We want to focus on abstract process such as “report to the Captain”.

By the way, if you report to the captain orally, the business record cannot remain (rather the workflow system has no role in this case). I sincerely recommend to report with ”Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition” .

…Yes! Using this workflow, Captain Bright Noah could check the situation by email even if he has been working at his own desk or has been exercising in the gym (!!?).
…Yes! “Alert in the ship” will be automated if the alert system works together with RESTful. This is convenient.
…Rather, what were reported and when they were reported are automatically saved as “business record” . This is so convenient.

By the way there are two flight controllers in the White Base. As you know, Oscar Dublin and Marker Clan are the only two. Therefore, the process of this workflow will stagnate if those two persons are absent. This fact is to be specified as “risky item” in the Risk Control Matrix (RCM) documents.

[Gundam Sortie Workflow]

[Gundam Sortie Workflow : "3. Command to Sortie"]

[Mail Setting Screen]

And the next important operation is [2. Order Action Station].
As a matter of course, Captain Bright Noah commands it. It is also an important process, so it should be recorded automatically as Business Record (?). Yes, Let him command it by entering Web form of workflow. (!!) Of course, siren is automatically activated according to the degree of alert, as it is integrated RESTfully to the Alert System. (No Shit?)

Even he is the great Captain, Bright Noah, 19 year old with 6 months of military career, might make mistakes choosing his words of command. So we would like to put a twist for the web form of [2. Order Action Station]. Making the process data of 'station command level' into Select type data, choices of "1st degree action station","2ndt degree action station","3rd degree action station"

See, it is an important activity, that is to modify the interface according to proficiency level of actual Workflow user, in Business Process Management.

Though, when it comes to the time attacking "A Baoa Qu", Captain Bright Noah will be more relaxing to make command. He might want to command by typing in String type data like "Remain in 2nd degree action station". In this way, we'd better considering positively to modify the interface according to proficiency level of Workflow user.

To be Continued...