Typhoon season is coming in Japan. And when weather warning issued phone rings around on a telephone tree. (A Chinese whisper to tell school closed)

Recently however, many school quit telephone tree network and switch to mailing list to distribute information, for the reasons such as "Emailing has got popular", "concern for personal information", "making it real-time" and other.

Distributing 'Emergency email', the most important thing is "to create sentences never misunderstood". Email information distribution is handy, but misunderstanding promotes confusion. You would better make it a rule always to deliver email after being reviewed by other stuff than who made draft.

In the following workflow, consider about (1) Drafting the distributing texts, (2) Quick reviewing and calibration, (3) Quick approval. (It is ideal using smart-phone to to review and to approve).

1. Draft, 2. Calibration, 3. Approval, 3b. After approval

Whistle-blower on "Anonymous Web Form"

Monday, September 19, 2011
Nobody would deny the thought of "Regulations document is important for corporate compliance". On the other hand, it is not realistic to all employees to get interested in the "Charter" or "Regulations" continuously.

1.To maintain a compliance system.
2.The essence: All the employee must comply "Constitution and laws".
3.The policy: "Mutual Surveillance system" should be built.
4.The method: Install "Accusation forum" which acknowledged throughout company.

This way of thinking is right. Establishing a postbox inside company will do. But thinking on "stress on posting" and "troublesome on collecting", it would be better done online. There will be no "Lost" or "Hushed up".

1. Post, 2. Check Post, 3. Survey & Statement, 3a.Respond Question, 4. Bulletin Answer

There is no ending at completing production of packaged software or Website creation. Rather, better to say starting working on updating to "Change requests". Sometimes "Bug" will be reported

Following Workflow chart is designed focusing on efficiently status management in "Bug reports" and "Request" (A case all employees are with accounts of Workflow)

1. Registration Request/failure, 2. Nomination respondents/Prioritization, 3. The primary answer, 3a. Support questions, 4. Final answer, 5. the primary response confirmation, 6. the final answer confirmation

[Bugs & Requests [2. Nomination respondents/Prioritization] screen]

Secureness for Password Reissue

Monday, September 5, 2011
Working on ID & password issue seems subdued, but it is extremely important. Failure in the operation may cause "Information leakage" or " information system hijacking", which may disrupt even business continuity. At least issuance logs should be exactly recorded.

The following Workflow model is for

  • A. a case of "automatic start" by "Workflow for pre-employment training program" of Personnel Department.(New ID issuance)
  • B1. a case "Applieed" ID for temporary employment.(New ID issuance)
  • B2. a case of "Forgotten Password" or "Change Account name" (Issued ID update)

Case 'A.'is on Trans-Workflow connection, 'B.'is on Web form connection. (Process model connecting API)

As a matter of course, talking over account issuance or re-issuance, we also must talk about "deletion". We will talk in some other time.

0. Approver Nomination, 1. Approval, 2. Authorization Code issuance, 3. Input from Hearing, 4. Check P.W.Change, 5.Confirmation

[Password issue: [2. Authorization Code issuance] screen]