Emergency Email Delivery Workflow Under Weather Warning

Monday, September 26, 2011
Typhoon season is coming in Japan. And when weather warning issued phone rings around on a telephone tree. (A Chinese whisper to tell school closed)

Recently however, many school quit telephone tree network and switch to mailing list to distribute information, for the reasons such as "Emailing has got popular", "concern for personal information", "making it real-time" and other.

Distributing 'Emergency email', the most important thing is "to create sentences never misunderstood". Email information distribution is handy, but misunderstanding promotes confusion. You would better make it a rule always to deliver email after being reviewed by other stuff than who made draft.

In the following workflow, consider about (1) Drafting the distributing texts, (2) Quick reviewing and calibration, (3) Quick approval. (It is ideal using smart-phone to to review and to approve).

1. Draft, 2. Calibration, 3. Approval, 3b. After approval

For Emergency mail delivery, "the daily training," it's important. Even Emergency Workflow (contingency plan) is ready, it is not easy to respond immediate or timeliness in practice.

In other words, in the [drill] that assuming disaster, incidents and accidents, "emergency mail delivery flow" should be better used actually. It also enable to figure out how long it takes from "Drafting by staff" to "Approval by the principal" by looking over past drill records. Workflow (BPMS) that is able to refer and analyze "Previous data" and "Processing records" at any time is helpful. (see:Comparing Workflow Products

[Emergency Emailing [2. Calibration] screen]

[Email setting screen]

[Receiving email screen]