"Want to share translated document with the team..."

Indeed, "Share by Email" is not so bad. A translated sentences would be shared quickly with the team by a setting to send automatically to Team ML (Mailing List) upon completion of translating. Feedback about mistranslated or brushing up might be obtained.

However, it would not be happy that when a person who has received an email wants to reply, he or she must reply by email. Enterprise Social Networking is the mainstream for in-house information exchange, nowadays.

The Workflow definition below, it is devised to post to [OpenChat], which is an Enterprise Social Networking of Questetra, upon completion of translating. It allows co-workers to Like immediately on a High-quality translation.

[Translation Process-OpenChat Post]
  • Instruction manual sentences that described in multiple language
  • Manuscripts of Website (HTML)
  • Source codes

A Creation flow for these drafts ought to be devised to record (not only "Number of characters", also) "Hash value" automatically.

A Hash value is a "Message digest". It is also referred to as "fingerprint". In short, it generates "32 of hexadecimal characters" (in the case of MD5 method) from any data instantly, allowing to validate data falsification of even a single character. (For more details, please see Wikipedia, etc.)

In the following workflow, [Auto-steps](Service Task) of "Hash generation (MD5)" and "Hash generation (SHA256)" have been arranged. Both of them will be available when you conduct feature expansion with [Addon XML]. (Questetra BPM Suite v11.1. Releasing in early September?)

[Translation Process-Hash Value]
I definitely want an Auto-step icon that is needed in this business!

Everybody who designs Business Processes (Modeling) tends to desire to automate various processing.

In version 11.1 of Cloud-based Workflow, "Questetra BPM Suite", which we are going to release at the end of August 2016, you will be able to use additional Auto-step icons. More specifically, your original auto-step icons will be available by; obtaining packaged "Add-on XML" and importing it as Additional feature file (Process Model file).

You will get these [Add-on XML] mostly by
  • Downloading from Questetra's Website
  • Provision from third-party

Whereas, it will be also capable of creating yourself, as you can guess from the words of "Add-on XML".

The following is the same "Translation Process" workflow that I have introduced you in the last post. And in which I made a substitution to [Script Step] with self-made [Auto-Step].

[Translation Process-Add-on]
  • A) A document before translation
  • B) A document after translation
Want to record the "number of characters" of these automatically.

If "a human is required to count the number of characters", you will never implement this operation. However, if "a Workflow system would tell the number automatically", you might think of leaving it as a record...

In "Questetra BPM Suite", a Cloud-based Workflow, you can easily add automatic processing of the following, since Auto-step icons have been incorporated in it in advance.
  • To combine string A and string B (M227)
  • To Sum numeric A and numeric B (M227)
  • To generate a PDF by embedding strings into Template PDF (M228)
  • To store files at Google Drive (M229)

However, in order to automate an operation like this example of "Count the number of characters", you were required to place a versatile automated Step referred to as [Script Task] (Script Step) (M230), and to set Scripts (ECMA-Script/JavaScript) as its property. (As of Ver. 11.0)

[Translation Process-Characters Counter]
Processing a particular "Business data"
Converting a particular "Business data"
Retrieving the number of characters as a property of a particular "Business data"

Basically, a "Workflow system" automates "transactions" of Business data. I want to automate not only "transactions", but also "Tasks themselves" as far as possible.(To be unmanned) Especially, for "Mechanical routine"...

In "Questetra BPM Suite", a Cloud-based Workflow, using a feature of Auto-Step which has equipped originally, it is capable of server side processing, such as
  • To combine String A and String B (M227)
  • To sum Numeric A and Numeric B (M227)
  • To generate PDF file embedding strings to a Template PDF (M228)
  • To back up files tin Google Drive (M229)

However, it won't do for a "Processing that is more unique" even a little bit.

The "Character number counter" in the following Workflow is an automated Step that is, for example, to count the number of characters in String type data of X which has been entered at upstream Step, and to store the number into a Numeric type data item. (All done on the Server side) For such a case, you need to place a versatile Step which is referred to as [Script Step] (Script Task: M230), and to set a Script (ECMA-Script/JavaScript) into it. (as of version 11.0)

[Character Number Counter]