Episode 496: Variations of Data Processing at Automated Step (Part 3)

Monday, August 15, 2016
I definitely want an Auto-step icon that is needed in this business!

Everybody who designs Business Processes (Modeling) tends to desire to automate various processing.

In version 11.1 of Cloud-based Workflow, "Questetra BPM Suite", which we are going to release at the end of August 2016, you will be able to use additional Auto-step icons. More specifically, your original auto-step icons will be available by; obtaining packaged "Add-on XML" and importing it as Additional feature file (Process Model file).

You will get these [Add-on XML] mostly by
  • Downloading from Questetra's Website
  • Provision from third-party

Whereas, it will be also capable of creating yourself, as you can guess from the words of "Add-on XML".

The following is the same "Translation Process" workflow that I have introduced you in the last post. And in which I made a substitution to [Script Step] with self-made [Auto-Step].

[Translation Process-Add-on]

[Modeling Screen]

If you want to design a Business Process like this, all you need is to import a XML file below.

By doing so, you will be able to use the "Number of Characters Counter", an Auto-step, for modeling of Translation Process, again and again.

If an Auto-step which is necessary for your company has been prepared in [Add-on XML], the person who is in charge of defining Business Process would no longer waste time for creating Script (programming). Therefore, the person will be able to spare more time for "improvement of business flow".

= Sample of Add-on XML "Number of Characters Counter"
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><service-task-definition> 

<label>Text Counter</label> 

  <config name="conf_SourceText" required="true" form-type="SELECT" select-data-type="STRING"> 
    <label>Input Text</label> 
  <config name="conf_CharacterCount" required="true" form-type="SELECT" select-data-type="DECIMAL"> 
    <label>Output Total Character Count</label> 

//// == Retrieving == 
var myText = data.get( configs.get("conf_SourceText") ) + ""; 

//// == Calculating == 
var countC = myText.replace(/\r|\n/g, "").replace(/\s+/g," ").length; 
// Not including "Line break" 
// Counting "consecutive spaces" as one character. 
// Note) Tab and double byte space are included in "\s" (UTF-8) 

//// == Updating == 
retVal.put( configs.get("conf_CharacterCount"), java.math.BigDecimal( countC ) ); 


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