A Business Process of "Hiring part-timer", challenges for it.

<Challenge 1: Don't know Now.>
  • Who is now responding the application by Mr.***?
  • What is the next step for the application by Mr.***?
  • How many steps are there till the employed (not employed) notification?
  • Is there any omission or mistakes in communicating with the applicant?

<Challenge 2: Don't know the past.>
  • When has Mr. *** been employed? And how he was evaluated?
  • What was the reason for disqualification to whom was not employed?
  • How many people made application last year? And how many people employed?
  • How long did it take to notify the result?

'Daily operations' such as "Acceptance of CV", "Interview schedule adjustment on the phone", "Pass or fail notification verbally" for example,,, it takes quite an effort to keep the record of any of them. Consequently, business know-how will not be shared, and the flow of business will become individualistic. And the "business flow should be" for the organization will never be discussed.

It sure is,

  'Hiring procedure, it always differs depending on the manager at the time!'

Such a conclusion also might not be wrong. However, (it can be said for other operations as well) you will not achieve 'Division of labor' without 'Standardization'. "Hiring flow" affects the evolution of the company significantly such as, expansion of the business scale, the development of new business, or expand into other markets. The way of proceeding HR operations, should be improved in the direction of "visualization" and "Standardization" even little by little.

[Part Timer Hiring flow]

'Embedding data into automated emails, it is helpful!'

Someone Starts an issue, it flows through Business flow diagram, and it passes through a "certain point" in the flow diagram. Then,
sending an email Automatically or
generating a PDF document Automatically, etc....

That's right, Automating of business operations will cut 'business costs' largely, will reduce 'mistakes', and will eliminate 'forgotten to do'. Especially the automatic [e-mail], is a highly versatile for sending a "business alert" to persons concerned with in the company, or sending "Acceptance Completion notice" towards the outside.

The following is a sample (Business Template) that you can experience the data embedding into 'auto-email'.

You can experience how the generated email body seems like when embedding various data such as String type or Date type or File type, etc.. Previously, I had published a sample of "You can experience the [input interface]", it has become popular content surprisingly. So I'm trying to get lucky again. There isn't any "discussion of how to proceed work" as in the usual articles. (I feel emptiness somehow...)

"String type(!), Date type(!!), File type(?!), Discussion type(?!!)" (2014-02-24)

= Official Manuals =
M224 Auto Sending of Email with Business data Inserted

[Auto-email Test]

[Email setting screen]

An [Idea] is a seed of a businesses.
  1. Without an [idea], no flower of New Product blooms.
  2. Without an [idea], no flower of New Process blooms.
  3. Without an [idea], no flower of New Market blooms.
  4. Without an [idea], no flower of New Source blooms.
  5. Without an [idea], no flower of New Organization blooms.5

However, many [Ideas] will be gone dead in immature. That is, even if it pops up in the brain of someone, the 90% of them would evaporate without getting out from the brain, and the rest of 10%, which has luckily escaped from the brain, would extinct without being able to parasitize other brain successfully. The survival rate of [idea] is unbelievably low. (The one who came across to the idea him/herself, would totally forget about it in overnight.)

Imagine if the [Idea] could be cultivated to cherish,,,
Imagine if the [Idea] could be emanated to in-house,,,
a flower garden of innovation would spread...

The following Workflow is for collecting [Ideas] of in-house. It assumes to be used at field of product development. Unlike the "Voice of the Customer", fresh "Voice of inside company" (proposal) come gathering. Of course, "production technique that depends largely on the talent of someone" as film production and literary works, is not to be denied. However, in many organizations, a system in which superior [idea] in the organization to be used effectively should be established.

[Product Idea Development flow]

[The Intention of the company] is determined by the board of directors.

In many cases, it is decided through the "deepening of the discussion". Or rather, the typical pattern is that the president tried to convince the directors, and over the discussions like "this or that" beforehand, finally it is determined at the Board of Directors. As a matter of course, it is recorded only "as the result of careful deliberation, the proposal was approved without objection" in the [Board minutes]. Such as the initial opinion of each director and complicated interactions will not remain in the official records.

Yet, the most [important information] is the "process" till the determination.
It is "the process" till the determination, that information which directors of the future would want to read.

The following workflow is a system that each director can record their opinions independently. First, select from "-2, Disagree", "-1, Somewhat Disagree", "0, Neither Disagree nor Agree/ Pending", "+1, Somewhat Agree", "+2, Agree". Then record their own opinions freely. Anyhow, it will be operated separately from the "minutes" which prone to formalism. That is, it is utilized for the assertion of opinions and ideas before the meeting, or to record the post-discussion opinion and thoughts over the discussion after the meeting. It is definitely different from mere "electronic voting system".

[Opinion Expressing flow]