Embedding Business Data in Auto-email! (Files, Choices...)

Monday, April 21, 2014
'Embedding data into automated emails, it is helpful!'

Someone Starts an issue, it flows through Business flow diagram, and it passes through a "certain point" in the flow diagram. Then,
sending an email Automatically or
generating a PDF document Automatically, etc....

That's right, Automating of business operations will cut 'business costs' largely, will reduce 'mistakes', and will eliminate 'forgotten to do'. Especially the automatic [e-mail], is a highly versatile for sending a "business alert" to persons concerned with in the company, or sending "Acceptance Completion notice" towards the outside.

The following is a sample (Business Template) that you can experience the data embedding into 'auto-email'.

You can experience how the generated email body seems like when embedding various data such as String type or Date type or File type, etc.. Previously, I had published a sample of "You can experience the [input interface]", it has become popular content surprisingly. So I'm trying to get lucky again. There isn't any "discussion of how to proceed work" as in the usual articles. (I feel emptiness somehow...)

"String type(!), Date type(!!), File type(?!), Discussion type(?!!)" (2014-02-24)

= Official Manuals =
M224 Auto Sending of Email with Business data Inserted

[Auto-email Test]

[Email setting screen]

[Auto-email Test:"1. INPUT test"screen]

[Received email screen]

[Data Items list screen]

I think I should upload the Business Template of this time to the [Online Demo environment]. However, unfortunately the [Online Demo environment] is devised not to send emails. If you would like to see how it works (want to see the email!), please try it on "Free SaaS Edition". (If you wanted to see the setting of the Model only, Online Demo is enough.) Download the template from [Free Download] below, and import it to your Free SaaS Edition environment. (Wouldn't hurt.)


Since I have been proposing only samples of 'Business process' for almost three and a half years, now I'm getting some feeling like,,, becoming stereotyped or out of material. I'm thinking of various devising such as Guest Writers or Answering Requests, etc.. I would like you to try throwing me 'Request' such as

'I've been troubled in defining a business that *** Dept. and *** team concerns...' or
'What kind of flow diagram should a flow of **** be drawn in?'

Even though there are possibilities for us that we cannot resolve given problems, it certainly will drive our blog writing team's motivation.

Make your Request HERE ->info [at] workflow-sample.net

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