Standardization of the Hiring Process, Points to be Aware

Monday, April 28, 2014
A Business Process of "Hiring part-timer", challenges for it.

<Challenge 1: Don't know Now.>
  • Who is now responding the application by Mr.***?
  • What is the next step for the application by Mr.***?
  • How many steps are there till the employed (not employed) notification?
  • Is there any omission or mistakes in communicating with the applicant?

<Challenge 2: Don't know the past.>
  • When has Mr. *** been employed? And how he was evaluated?
  • What was the reason for disqualification to whom was not employed?
  • How many people made application last year? And how many people employed?
  • How long did it take to notify the result?

'Daily operations' such as "Acceptance of CV", "Interview schedule adjustment on the phone", "Pass or fail notification verbally" for example,,, it takes quite an effort to keep the record of any of them. Consequently, business know-how will not be shared, and the flow of business will become individualistic. And the "business flow should be" for the organization will never be discussed.

It sure is,

  'Hiring procedure, it always differs depending on the manager at the time!'

Such a conclusion also might not be wrong. However, (it can be said for other operations as well) you will not achieve 'Division of labor' without 'Standardization'. "Hiring flow" affects the evolution of the company significantly such as, expansion of the business scale, the development of new business, or expand into other markets. The way of proceeding HR operations, should be improved in the direction of "visualization" and "Standardization" even little by little.

[Part Timer Hiring flow]

[Part Timer Hiring flow:"3. Interviewing (Judgement)" screen]

[Data Items List screen]

This Workflow definition is a Business Process that starts with 'Application for the Part time job'. All the internal processing is recorded automatically. The overview of the flow is, [1] "Entry through the Application Form", [2] "Interview Schedule Adjustment on the Phone (confirmation e-mail transmission)", [3] "Interviewing", [4] "Pass or Fail Notification Email". Also, administrative processing of recruitment must be quick, while there should be no typos or clerical error in the Pass or Fail notification, etc.. (Especially, it could be a big problem if you make a mistake on the address or the name of the applicant.) In this Workflow, the data that must be input are kept to a minimum (eliminating the complex operation) such as <Interview Schedule> and <Pass or Fail>, all of the notification email will be assembled automatically.

There is a possibility that would give the impression of cold hearted, but it is to the "speediness for Pass or Fail notification" and "prevention of mistakes".

Incidentally, know-how of
  • How should the poster for 'Part timer Wanted' drawn?
  • When should you take applications in time of year?
  • How long should the recruiting term be?

are out of the scope of the business flow of 'Hiring flow'.

In addition, it goes without saying that, "business flow should be" depends on the industry of the company or the operations to hire workers. (Like 'Bartender in a restaurant', 'Data entry clerk in outsourcing company', 'Executive Secretary in a trading company', so on.) Or even within the same company, it will also vary by region or branch. In such a case, it is also good that creating a basic flow as a Corporate Common 'Business template', then arrange it individually in the units of Branch, store, region, or team.

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