Choices for both of Column A and B (Weekly report by store manager)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014
"Weekly Report" job in a coffee shop chain.

The manager of each store inputs "Report of store summary" by every Monday morning. Report contents are the following 6 items.
  1. The number of customers of a week (Numeric type data)
  2. Item which sold quite (Select type data)
  3. Cause of Good sales (String type data)
  4. Item which did not sell many (Select type data)
  5. Cause of Bad sales (String type data)
  6. The outcome of this week, and the goal for the next week (String type data)

Area manager at Headquarters checks the manager's report in the morning of Monday, and makes "comments" and "questions" to each one the report. An email goes to the store manager whose report has been commented. Also an email goes to the store manager whose report has been asked questions, and the store manager is required to input "Answer to the question from Headquarter".

In addition, it should be reported surely every week with minimum labor of making the report, because it is a day-to-day operation to be performed repeatedly. Also, the report content should be opened to all store managers so that they can browse the reports at any time.

<Organization Info>
  • Company
    • Kanto; Tokyo store, Shinagawa store, Yokohama store
    • Chubu-area; Nagoya store
    • Kansai-area; Kyoto store, Osaka store

(This blog, "Workflow Sample" is falling into a rut recently. Suddenly, a thought of posting in a format of 'Business designing exercise' (Process Modeling exercise) came to me...)

[Data Items list screen]

[Weekly Report flow-Common Choices]

[Weekly Report flow-Common Choices;"2. Comment/Question" screen]

  • How many customers did the other stores attract, last week?
  • Which item was sold well in the other stores?

In fact, each report from the other stores is a information which a store manager concerns. Fresh "information of the week" will be a big reference for management of own store. Specifically, a store manager can compare the performance of its own store with the other store's trend, or can apply the best practices at other stores for own store. Of course, you should be better altering the frequency of information updates (daily / weekly / monthly), for it varies according to the business scale or Management Principles.

By the way, both of data items [2. Item which sold quite] and [4. Item which did not sell many], are 'Select type data'. And the choices such as "Espresso" or "Bagel", will be the same list. In such a case, by setting as referring to the cafe-menu.xml, management (maintenance) of reporting system becomes easier.

  <item value="h1" display="Espresso" />
  <item value="h2" display="Americano" />
  <item value="h3" display="Latte" />
  <item value="h4" display="Black Tea" />
  <item value="c1" display="Iced House Blend" />
  <item value="c2" display="Iced Tea" />
  <item value="c3" display="Organge Juice" />
  <item value="c4" display="Lemonade" />
  <item value="c5" display="Soda" />
  <item value="e1" display="Bagel" />
  <item value="e2" display="Oatmeal" />
  <item value="e3" display="Serial" />
  <item value="e4" display="Cheese Burger" />
  <item value="e5" display="Pan Cake" />
  <item value="m1" display="Prix fixe A" />
  <item value="m2" display="Prix fixe B" />
  <item value="m3" display="Prix fixe C" />

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