Centrally Managing "Option List" Used in a Variety of Internal Business

Monday, May 19, 2014
There are great needs for centrally management in the system on the list of Options to be indicated. Subsequent to previous articles of the last and one before the last, we are going to study for the use of 'Optional Choices' in common, over the case of "Cafe menu" in 'restaurant chain business'.
  • one before the last: The same 'Cafe menu' (Choice .XML) is referred by multiple input field (Select type).
  • the last: The same 'Cafe menu' (Choice .XML) is referred by multiple input field (Select type). (+ Narrowing down the options by selecting a category)

In these examples above, 'Optional Choices to be used commonly' are managed in one file (Choices .XML). However, it is just a closed world of "Weekly report business" operation, that managing centrally the list to be indicated on "multiple input forms". In other words, it is just a "Operation oriented" central management.
  • A1. Weekly Report: Select an item that sold well.
  • A2. Weekly Report: Select an item that not sold well.

But this time, we consider Choices XML so to speak 'Cross- operational', that to be referred by input forms for other operations. The following is a business flow that each store reporting the "broken cookware" to the headquarter. The reports must include which item is affected by the lack of the cookware.
  • B. Broken Report: Select items affected.

[Broken Cookware Report flow: "1. Enter Cookware Broken" screen]

[Broken Cookware Report flow screen]

[Data items List]

In this example, a list of 'Cafe Items' (Choice .XML) is assumed to be used commonly in various business processes within the Workflow system. (This is a setting of "data item" portion, and not stick distinguished alone "process diagram".)

After all,
When you export this Business Process Definition (.QAR file), the configuration file will not be Bundled. (different from the process models of previous articles)

In other words,
You cannot use this Business Process Definition (.QAR file) immediately after downloading, if the administrator of the entire system has not set the 'Choices XML' to be used commonly in beforehand.

By the way, "Operation of each store reporting break-down of cookware to the headquarter" (Incident report) is quite profound.

In Chain store operations in (franchise store operations), it is possible to reduce the equipment cost by utilizing equipment which the headquarter has standardized. However, there are many cases when analyzing the reasons for actually led to replacement, or considering "replacement frequency that should be" in accordance to the regional features, the 'records' which to do over are too poor.

Of course, detailed reports of the circumstances, would be conveyed on the telephone or in face-to-face verbally to "area manager" from each store manager,but the basic record (report) should be saved digitally. If business record has been 'accumulated',,, and has been 'shared', it becomes to be possible to consider how to proceed operations that should be. (Perspective of "optimization of Business Processes")

For an organization, occurrence / reaction should be recorded precisely, not only in the level of Accident also in the level of Instance

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