Timed Updating of System Common "Choice XML"

Monday, May 26, 2014
When you design Business Data input field, you configure [Data types] of Data Items such as 'Numeric' or 'Date'. For example, you would set 'String type (Single line)' for "Customer phone number", 'Numeric type' for "Your Billing total".

Then, what if Data Input field for "Product Name" or "Name of the State"?

Most of the cases, 'Select type' will be set to the Input field. That is, it will save the labor of typing for the operator and will reduce data fluctuation, by using the selectable interfaces such as "Select Box" and "Check Box". (Assisting Data Input)
  <item value="h1" display="Espresso" />
  <item value="h2" display="Americano" />
  <item value="h3" display="Latte" />
  <item value="h4" display="Black Tea" />
  <item value="c1" display="Iced House Blend" />
  <item value="c2" display="Iced Tea" />
  <item value="c3" display="Organge Juice" />
  <item value="c4" display="Lemonade" />
  <item value="c5" display="Soda" />
  <item value="e1" display="Bagel" />
  <item value="e2" display="Oatmeal" />
  <item value="e3" display="Serial" />
  <item value="e4" display="Cheese Burger" />
  <item value="e5" display="Pan Cake" />
  <item value="m1" display="Prix fixe A" />
  <item value="m2" display="Prix fixe B" />
  <item value="m3" display="Prix fixe C" />

However, these Choices must be always maintained in the newest condition.

For instance, it is a same old story that "Renovating the cafe menu of all chain stores" at seasonal change, but it's tricky doing that. Only 'Select type' among the [Data types], needs maintenance.

I have been introducing samples of "How to manage 'Cafe Menu (Choices XML)' centrally" throughout the latest 3 articles.

  • Two article before the last (choices that closed in business):
    "Cafe menu" (Choices XML) is referenced from multiple input field, within a certain business.
  • The article before the last (choices that closed in business):
    "Cafe menu" (Choices XML) is referenced from multiple input field, within a certain business. (+ Filtered Category)
  • The last (Choices used from the entire company):
    "Cafe Menu" (Choices XML) is referenced from the input field of various internal operations.

In this article, we make further consideration of "Maintenance of the Choice data". Now, we study about a Workflow for updating 'Choices XML' which is commonly used by the entire company, using [Service Task], a special automatic processing step for maintenance of Choices.

Incidentally, this "flow of updating the system-common setting" is an act of controlling the < business platform >. It can be said as strengthening of "internal control". That is, it can be said that a workflow system controls the < business > (Business Processing governance associated with IT), but on the other hand, this Business Process definition can be said that it controls further to the fundamental part. (General governance associated with IT)

[Cafe Menu Upgrading: "2. Display Test" screen]

[Cafe Menu Upgrading]

[Data Items list]

In this Workflow, each line that strings have been input as multiple line text become a Choice.

That is, 'Choice List' is input to the multiple-line text field in the first Step "Upcoming Choices". And in the second Step of "Displaying test of Upcoming Choices", how it appears is checked. In actual operations, it would be better to re-use the closest data among the "cafe menu" that was set in the past, to Start the Workflow. e.g. 'Back to menu of before the campaign', 'Back to menu of summer of a year ago')

By the way, this Business Process definition (Process Model) is a special operation that modifying system setting. So creating this model must be done by the User who is authorized as administer of the entire system, not only Process Modeler authorization.

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