Trick for Eliminating Fluctuation from Client's Name

Monday, June 2, 2014
A Workflow needs a [Client Master Data].
How sweet it would be, if 'Company names' were registered without fluctuation.

Brochure Request responding, Visit report, Estimate submission, Order report, Invoice mailing, Contact support,,, Aggregation and analysis on them... Suppose, if there were not for 'fluctuation' in the client name, it would make easier to browse for analysis the basic information for Strategic Planning, such as 'Sales Closing-Rate by Quoted amount and Billed amount' and/or 'The average time between Brochure Request and Purchase Order'. ≪Information≫ obtained from ≪clean data≫ is interminably great. (Even more, if it is big data!)

On the day when the Business process (Business rules and Business procedures) was developed to some degree, you would like to build a [Client Master data] that suites the business characteristics and the size of your company.

Here, we are going to consider in separated two Business flows, 1.)"Request for Client Master Updating" and 2.)"Creating Client Master". That is, separating into a Workflow that employees in any section to report when he or she receives 'Notice of Relocation' or knowing 'Company name change' in the day to day work. The other is a job of Administrative section that updating the Client Master centrally.

Today, we study about a Workflow that a worker can make 1.)"Request for Client Master Updating" within the Business flow of Visit Report to the Boss.

[Visit Reporting flow;"1. meeting Contents' screen]

[Visit Reporting flow]

[Data Items list]

In this Workflow, information of;

  'Please register a company that could be a client!'
  'The name of the client is going to be changed!'

will be notified in automatic mails. Nothing special, the manager of the Master data will receive an email notification and will carry out the maintenance on the Client Master by manual labor.

However actually, the maintenance of the [Client Master] tends to depend on human labor to some degree. For example, a large company that has global expansion needs to assign the "Corporate ID" for each department, and a company that does business in multiple businesses wants to assign the "Corporate ID" to each corresponding business transaction.

By the way, in this master update request, you cannot predict which employees would send the request. Sometimes a large number of update request might come at one time. But the manager of the Master data should be rather thankful for those requests, if he or she had a mission of "updated with the new information at all times".

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Business Template: Visit Reporting flow

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