"Choices .XML" to be Shared with Whole Society (Prefectural Code / Enterprise ID)

Monday, June 9, 2014
I have been introducing the way to use 'Select type Input form' for inputting business data.

First of all, 'Business Data' is roughly divided into (A) the data to be input by referencing the master information, copied and Pasted, and (B) the data to be written freely. Of course, there is no clear boundary between them, but if it is an input form that is close to (A), you should consider using 'Choices'.

That is, input forms (Data item) for 'Account Name', etc., are likely to be judged 'to be managed in Master'.

However, is it good enough with 'Master management only in-house", in this Cloud computing era? Needless to say, it is necessary to companies going to actively adopt "standard classification code" in order to increase the operational efficiency of society as a whole.

Here, as the first step to realize these, we are going to study on a case that adding office code of their own (a ~ f) to the Prefectural Code, which is defined by ISO (International Organization for Standardization). (It won't be an pure ISO code, but will be good enough for data analysis in the future. Coexistence of "operational efficiency of day-to-day"and "data utilization in the future" is quite difficult...)

<Prefectural Code "ISO 3166-2:JP" and Provincial Branch Office>
- a. Sendai branch
02:Aomori, 03:Iwate, 04:Miyagi, 05:Akita, 06:Yamagata, 07:Fukushima
- b. Tokyo head office
08:Ibaraki, 09:Tochigi, 10:Gunma, 11:Saitama, 12:Chiba, 13:Tokyo, 14:Kanagawa
15:Niigata, 16:Toyama, 17:Ishikawa, 18:Fukui, 19:Yamanashi, 20:Nagano
- c.Nagoya branch
21:Gifu, 22:Shizuoka, 23:Aichi, 24:Mie
- d. Osaka branch
25:Shiga, 26:Kyoto, 27:Osaka, 28:Hyogo, 29:Nara, 30:Wakayama
31:Tottori, 32:Shimane, 33:Okayama, 34:Hiroshima, 35:Yamaguchi
- e. Takamatu branch
36:Tokushima, 37:Kagawa, 38:Ehime, 39:Kochi
- f. Fukuoka branch
40:Fukuoka, 41:Saga, 42:Nagasaki, 43:Kumamoto, 44:Oita, 45:Miyazaki, 46:Kagoshima

[Selection Form Test/Choice XML Generation;"1. Input Choices Data" screen]

[Selection Form Test/Choice XML Generation]

[Data Items list]

This Business Process definition (Workflow definition) is test flow to test the Choice Form. But, it has a function to generate the XML choices in passing. Choices XML will be generated as it proceeds such as the following. I really want you to import this and experience it.
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<Trial setting>
a02:Aomori a03:Iwate a04:Miyagi a05:Akita a06:Yamagata a07:Fukushima
b08:Ibaraki b09:Tochigi b10:Gunma b11:Saitama 1b2:Chiba b13:Tokyo b14:Kanagawa
b15:Niigata b16:Toyama b17:Ishikawa b18:Fukui b19:Yamanashi b20:Nagano
c21:Gifu c22:Shizuoka c23:Aichi c24:Mie
d25:Shiga 2d6:Kyoto d27:Osaka d28:Hyogo d29:Nara d30:Wakayama
d31:Tottori d32:Shimane d33:Okayama d34:Hiroshima d35:Yamaguchi
e36:Tokushima e37:Kagawa e38:Ehime e39:Kochi
f40:Fukuokaf 41:Saga 42:Nagasaki f43:Kumamoto f44:Oita f45:Miyazaki f46:Kagoshima

(I will put it on the "Online Demo" as usual. Sorry if somebody has modified.)
(Sample of generated XML file => Download)

By the way, incidentally,,, "Master management in society as a whole" is about to be realized little by little.

Speaking of "Corporate ID" In the past Japan, there have been "Security Code" of the listed companies, "Common Supplier Code" by industry associations, and "Company Code" by credit research company. Speaking globally, "DUNS" (Data Universal Numbering System) which is managed by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) is famous one. However, these data did not cover all of the companies completely.

But "Master management of society as a whole" is so to speak infrastructural project. All companies are registered, all companies can use it for free. A Master data like that is desired.

And, "the Social Security and Tax Number System" has been established as law in 2013 in Japan. It is defined that an "enterprise identification number" to be applied to the corporation of all companies, etc. (The actual imparting will be started from October 2015). In the not too distant future, governments themselves would publish the "Corporate Code XML".

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