Master Management to Make All the Client to "Input Select"

Monday, June 16, 2014
'The list of Clients' should be managed in a "Table".

A "table" really is convenient. It makes me tired just to think it is described by only strings, whatever it is "roster" or "Product Master". Understanding of the whole aspect become difficult if it is hard to use the "table" such as 'Legal texts', 'regulations' or 'verbal conversations'. ("Table" = Visual Information Management tool)

It is controversial that how to manage the Master Choice information, when managing 'Commonly used Choices' in the entire system. However, many people would agree that managing in 'Rows' and 'Columns'.

The Workflow below, is to update the 'list of Clients' in the Workflow system. It is also a special Workflow to update the system configuration. As actual operation, managing the "list of Clients" on "Google SpreadSheet" etc., which is a Spreadsheet software, and pasting "Clients ID /Company Name" at the first Step of '1. Enter ID and Company Name'. The excellent point of this business process definition (process model) is that you can determine 'the time to the setting to be effective', and that 'The Setting itself' remains as a record.

[Clients List Updating;'1. Enter ID and Company Name' screen]

[Clients List Updating]

[Data Items list]

At the first Step of "1. Enter ID and Company Name", enter 'Client information'. At the second Step of "2. Display test for Select Input", test the display of select input form. If there is a problem with the display, modify the "Clients list information" as appropriate. If there is no problem, set the 'Updating time' and let it flow it to the Supervisor to approve. In the end, the "Clients list XML" (Choices XML) which would be commonly used in the Workflow system, is updated.

By the way, to use a 'Spreadsheet software' or to use a 'Data base (DBMS)' or to use 'System connection', it is depending on the skills of the person in charge and the amount of data. It is like someone asks you 'What type of car do you recommend?' A truck? A sedan? A golf cart? You cannot answer the question until you hear the skills of the driver and what to carry.

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