When you are making application on Workflow, typing 'your own name' first, and then entering 'date of the day'...don't you think they are unproductive procedures?
Don't bother me such obvious matters.  Please make  'these have been entered already as initial value', then give it to me.

The following Workflow definition is to make Monthly Report.  To report summary of activities of the last month to the Boss up to the fifth day of every month.  It allocates a Task of [1. Make Monthly report] to all the employees in the morning of the first day of every month.

To make application, such 'initial values' and 'templates' have been entered for many forms.

[Monthly Report flow - Initial Value]

Workflow of Daily Report.
For who writes, one report a day. But for who reads, it will be the number of his/her men. There might be a story that, someone had held them thinking 'Okay, I will make comment on them later', then after a while found out 'Wow, I've got a thousand of them!'.

You should better consider a setting of 'automatic flowing', for the Tasks which become meaningless at the time losing "freshness of information". For example, on 'Daily Report Approval flow', 'the next daily report' will come on the next day. You might better treat the report which two days have passed since reported, as 'auto-approval'. Nevertheless, in actual operation, you should better avoid situations that "List of the Tasks (My Tasks)" has been occupied by meaningless Tasks.

In the following Workflow definition, the Task of 'Make Comment' by Boss, will automatically lapse at 48 hours passed since process start time. (Including the case 48 hours had passed at the time of arrival.)

[Daily Report Approval flow]

Japanese software industry has been developed centered on "System Development by consignment". So called "SI business". And now, it is at ebb.

Naturally, if wealthy sponsors (patron) existed, those outsourcing businesses would survive as well as "Housing" or "Clothing". But on the other hand, in the this aspect of economic recession, the efficiency of business process (Workflow) will inevitable. In addition, we will also have to seek better quality of service.

Here we would like to exemplify a Workflow sample concerning the business outsourcing contract for SI company (prime contractor).

[Outsourcing flow]

How many 'issuing Quotations' within validity period do we have?

It is fine to manage them with 'SFA', data oriented business system. However, process oriented 'BPM' can manage them steady as well.

Yes indeed, outfitting of business processes in BPM is troublesome for its 'high degree of freedom' and 'general purpose-ness'. But if you had motivations enough to improve the flow of your business, you would better take 'process oriented' way on the Quotation issuance.

[Quotation flow]

"Renewing a Contract" job. It occurs in a variety of industries.
  • Real estate lease
  • Staffing agency
  • Consultancy
  • Internet domain
  • Adviser (lawyer, tax accountant,, patent attorney etc.)
  • Maintenance (software, servers, Elevator, etc.)

Generally, contract renewal procedure is initiated with announcement from the fiduciary side. However somehow, it is difficult to carry out that "announcement" without omission. Therefore, in the following workflow definition, trick to book an automatic transmission of " an e-mail announcement of contract renewal" have been set.

[Contract flow]