How Many Quotations Do We Have, Now?

Monday, July 9, 2012
How many 'issuing Quotations' within validity period do we have?

It is fine to manage them with 'SFA', data oriented business system. However, process oriented 'BPM' can manage them steady as well.

Yes indeed, outfitting of business processes in BPM is troublesome for its 'high degree of freedom' and 'general purpose-ness'. But if you had motivations enough to improve the flow of your business, you would better take 'process oriented' way on the Quotation issuance.

[Quotation flow]

In this Workflow definition, there is a loop on recreating the Quotation. That is, this Business process aims multiple repeat between Task [4. Report the Result] and task [5. Approve Re-Quote].

The deadline of Tasks [4. Report the Result] is set as the same date of 'the validity period of the Quotation'. Before the deadline, the Sales personnel must input either of Got Contact or Failure or Re-Quote.

[Quotation flow [2. Approve the Quotation] screen]

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