Approval to Daily Report, will be "Automatically Done" Two Days Later

Monday, July 23, 2012
Workflow of Daily Report.
For who writes, one report a day. But for who reads, it will be the number of his/her men. There might be a story that, someone had held them thinking 'Okay, I will make comment on them later', then after a while found out 'Wow, I've got a thousand of them!'.

You should better consider a setting of 'automatic flowing', for the Tasks which become meaningless at the time losing "freshness of information". For example, on 'Daily Report Approval flow', 'the next daily report' will come on the next day. You might better treat the report which two days have passed since reported, as 'auto-approval'. Nevertheless, in actual operation, you should better avoid situations that "List of the Tasks (My Tasks)" has been occupied by meaningless Tasks.

In the following Workflow definition, the Task of 'Make Comment' by Boss, will automatically lapse at 48 hours passed since process start time. (Including the case 48 hours had passed at the time of arrival.)

[Daily Report Approval flow]

In this example, an initial value of "2 days after process start: processInstanceStartDatetime.addDays(2)" has been set in the process data item [Comment Deadline](Datetime type). And treatment of the Task [2. Make Comment] at deadline is set 'Abort Task'. And the one who made the report cannot edit data of his own.
After the token has been divided into two at a split point A, one of the token stays at [2. Make Comment] Task. However, it will be aborted when 'Comment deadline' passes, and another token will start to flow split point B and after.(By the specification of the Questetra's Workflow Engine)

In addition, Tasks that can be skipped depending freshness of the information are considered variously.

For example, "Approval Tasks" in 'Overtime application' or 'Vacation Request' can be regarded as automatic approval if the Boss forget to give an approval, or subordinates applied in ex-post facto approval. It's too late to damn his men.

Also, if companies do business development with an emphasis on speed may limit time on "Approval of the request for Decision". It may sound recklessly to say 'make the purchase if no objection within the time', but if it takes two weeks in average to get approved by all of the approvers, it would be better to be a rule of approved automatically in 3 days. It will be approved unless somebody make objection within 3 days. It will be too late to denial on fourth day.

Needless to say, a Business Rule 'to be' should be made along actual situation of the company.

[Daily Report Approval flow  : [2. Make Comment] screen]

[Initial Value setting screen]

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