'Initial Value' in the Input Form Helps New Employees

Monday, July 30, 2012
When you are making application on Workflow, typing 'your own name' first, and then entering 'date of the day'...don't you think they are unproductive procedures?
Don't bother me such obvious matters.  Please make  'these have been entered already as initial value', then give it to me.

The following Workflow definition is to make Monthly Report.  To report summary of activities of the last month to the Boss up to the fifth day of every month.  It allocates a Task of [1. Make Monthly report] to all the employees in the morning of the first day of every month.

To make application, such 'initial values' and 'templates' have been entered for many forms.

[Monthly Report flow - Initial Value]

Just because the initial value (the default value) has been entered, it does not mean you can apply as it is.
However, if the initial value is set in advance, it will reduce greatly the time of the input.

It is important to improve in the perspective of the "flow of business", but it is also very important to improve in the perspective of "ease of input".  Assuming the use by new employee, we should care also for the Note, etc.

[Monthly Report flow - Initial Value [1. Monthly Report] screen]

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