Automatic "the Guide Mail" Transmission, One Month Prior to Contract Renewal

Monday, July 2, 2012
"Renewing a Contract" job. It occurs in a variety of industries.
  • Real estate lease
  • Staffing agency
  • Consultancy
  • Internet domain
  • Adviser (lawyer, tax accountant,, patent attorney etc.)
  • Maintenance (software, servers, Elevator, etc.)

Generally, contract renewal procedure is initiated with announcement from the fiduciary side. However somehow, it is difficult to carry out that "announcement" without omission. Therefore, in the following workflow definition, trick to book an automatic transmission of " an e-mail announcement of contract renewal" have been set.

[Contract flow]

There is nothing to explain with looking at the Workflow diagram, it is a mechanism that when contract renewal approaches, e-mail that have been set in advance will be sent automatically. An "emails regarding contract renewal" that should be sent in the future is prepared when contract agreed. By setting your own email address in CC, it will work as a notification to yourself.

And later on, when the contract will be successfully renewed, it will be the starting of the "Contract flow" again.

By the way, BPMN icons of holding the process until the time of "automatic email transmission", is called "Timer Intermediate Event". You just carry out [Start Process & Reuse these data].


[Contract flow [3. Register the Contract] screen]

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