Thank you very much for your patronage "Workflow Sample" and " Cloud-based Workflow QUESTETRA" in 2012. We think this year became very fulfilling, for the number of published process template had been exceeded 500, also for we could release the major version 9 of Questetra BPM Suite.

The next year 2013 too, we would like to strive to meet the expectations and demands of people all over the world, enhancements, and publishing the samples. We beg you to give us further your patronage.

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The final Sample of 2012 is, in a little change of manner, a Process of testing "Data Types that Questetra supports as of Dec. 31, 2012".

You can test Data types in 10 types 18 subtypes such as String, Numeric, Date, Select, File, User, Discussion, Table, etc..

[Data Type Test]

"BPO is the main battlefield of the BPM"
They are the words of the IT research firm, but for the man in the street it already sounds like cipher. It would be understood only by geeks who are living in enterprise software industry. That means,
  • Job like "to digitize image data of application postcard etc. into text" would be outsourced.
  • For the companies that undertake those jobs, "BPM tools" are going to become an important tool almost as the foundation of their business.
  • So it is very important for a company that develops "BPM tool", whether their products be utilized by the contractors.

* BPM: Business Process Management

One of the duties to be commissioned in BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), is "Data Entry" (such as for example, insurance contracts and pension records sweepstakes entry Questionnaire). In this example, business process of those data input operations is defined.

[Data Input flow]

Asset management is "troublesome". Especially, equipment management is "really troublesome". Equipment Management in administrative organs seems to be "Needless to say, troublesome".
Although, because it have been purchased with taxes, they never can say "supposed to be somewhere".

In Japan, they manage the equipment and consumables in accordance with the law, referred to as "State-Owned Articles Management Act". There, massive "document" to manage the articles occurs, but I want to migrate them to "digital document" in somehow.

The following Workflow defines a flow of operation called "Return". Procedures like a staff who was using a computer 'returns' the machine because no longer using it. (Articles Return Process)

My personal opinion, government is the one that should introduce a 'Cloud-based Workflow' initiatively, and promote Cloud industry, a new industry promising in the 21th century.

[Articles Return flow]

Google Apps, the Cloud-based Groupware never stops their evolution.
Dec. 2012, they started providing 'Attachment' files easily from "Google Drive", Online Storage (which has been released Apr. 2012).

"Multifunctionality of Gmail", "Affinity with the Android Smartphone", "the usability of Google Calendar", have been the reason of the popularity of Google Apps, but from now on, "The broad-mindedness (?) of Google Drive" will be a big favor of the people. It will not be long before "file servers" in companies disappears from the world.

In the following Personnel Evaluation Workflow, "Evaluation Process" proceeds referring the personnel evaluation sheet kept in Google Drive. It indeed is a workflow of the age of cloud computing.

Reference: Gmail and Drive Getting Closer

[Personnel Evaluation flow]

Field Engineering is a service such as periodical inspections to prevent failure, or repairing occurring failures. Indispensable to sales business of MFPs and control equipments.

In many cases, serviceperson so called 'Custome Engineer (CE)' are dispatched. Incidentally, we Japanese call them 'Service-man', though a strange Japanglish. And I think this word is used only to repair personnel for large appliances or gas appliances, nowadays... (Ah, it was an idle chatter)

The following Business Process allocates jobs to workers (CE), and records the work reports from workers (CE). The biggest purpose is of course "visualization of work progress".

[CE Progress Management flow]