Customer Satisfaction on Dispatching Engineer

Monday, December 3, 2012
Field Engineering is a service such as periodical inspections to prevent failure, or repairing occurring failures. Indispensable to sales business of MFPs and control equipments.

In many cases, serviceperson so called 'Custome Engineer (CE)' are dispatched. Incidentally, we Japanese call them 'Service-man', though a strange Japanglish. And I think this word is used only to repair personnel for large appliances or gas appliances, nowadays... (Ah, it was an idle chatter)

The following Business Process allocates jobs to workers (CE), and records the work reports from workers (CE). The biggest purpose is of course "visualization of work progress".

[CE Progress Management flow]

[CE Progress Management flow: '2. On-site Task Confirmation' screen]

It is quite obvious when you look at the process diagram (business flow diagrams), allocation of workers (CE) is carried out in steps 1-2 of the process.
That is, the [Call center] accepts the requests, and allocates Tasks to workers according to the arrange manual. Also If the exceptional cases that is not in the manual, consulted to [Manager] , worker allocation will be done through the step 1x, [Exceptional case CE arrangement].

Further, in this business process it allows a final judgment by the workers themselves (CE) of "whether the responsible".
That is, it makes the business rule of entering 'Accept / Refuse' at step 2, [On-site Task Confirmation]. It actually happens, that workers cannot assume the Task unavoidably for such as the physical condition of the workers themselves, or traffic condition.

By the way, in this business process definition, when the worker (CE) in charge is established, a notification e-mail will be sent to the customer to visit automatically. Even a mechanical email which described only estimated arrival time, for the customers who are hit by a failure for example, it would be very grateful to the service. (Customer satisfaction)

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