Digitization for Articles Management Tasks of the Administrative Organ

Monday, December 17, 2012
Asset management is "troublesome". Especially, equipment management is "really troublesome". Equipment Management in administrative organs seems to be "Needless to say, troublesome".
Although, because it have been purchased with taxes, they never can say "supposed to be somewhere".

In Japan, they manage the equipment and consumables in accordance with the law, referred to as "State-Owned Articles Management Act". There, massive "document" to manage the articles occurs, but I want to migrate them to "digital document" in somehow.

The following Workflow defines a flow of operation called "Return". Procedures like a staff who was using a computer 'returns' the machine because no longer using it. (Articles Return Process)

My personal opinion, government is the one that should introduce a 'Cloud-based Workflow' initiatively, and promote Cloud industry, a new industry promising in the 21th century.

[Articles Return flow]

[Articles Return flow: "1. Report return" screen]

The "articles" is a very important object of management for administrative organs of Japan, along with the management of the "credit", the management of "real estate", the management of "money". The difference from the private sector is the fact that all the things kept must be seized, regardless of the presence or absence of ownership.

More specifically, they appoint officials who do management of articles, respectively referred to as Article Teller officer and Article Service officer.
Article Teller officer is a " Keeper" frankly speaking, who conducts the affairs about storing, in coming and out going. Article Service officer is responsible for delivery the articles to staff who use them, responding to the Article Teller officer's dispensing the articles. Explaining about these, it will take so much time, so please see the books for more details.

In addition, in the workflow definition above has been omitted for the sake of simplicity, by placing an automatic processing task that automatically generates fixed form PDF (service task) in between Task 3 and 4 or Task 2 and 3, it is possible to create legal documents automatically.

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