Workflow to Automatically Compare the Result of Dual Inputs on One

Tuesday, December 25, 2012
"BPO is the main battlefield of the BPM"
They are the words of the IT research firm, but for the man in the street it already sounds like cipher. It would be understood only by geeks who are living in enterprise software industry. That means,
  • Job like "to digitize image data of application postcard etc. into text" would be outsourced.
  • For the companies that undertake those jobs, "BPM tools" are going to become an important tool almost as the foundation of their business.
  • So it is very important for a company that develops "BPM tool", whether their products be utilized by the contractors.

* BPM: Business Process Management

One of the duties to be commissioned in BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), is "Data Entry" (such as for example, insurance contracts and pension records sweepstakes entry Questionnaire). In this example, business process of those data input operations is defined.

[Data Input flow]

[Data Input flow: "2a. Data Entry テキストデータ化" screen]

Which should be featured here is the point that two of "the process of an input data into text data from the image" occur concurrently.
That is, when images (material) are set, "two people" run for the job of making text data from the image, and do that independently. You may feel even redundant and futile at first glance, but it is an effective method to prevent data entry errors. That is, by disqualifying input data when two of them are not the same, it will greatly reduce human errors.

It is to be noted that, you should set to not the same person be able to undertake the both of the " two (identical) Jobs" that will be offered to the Keypuncher Group.

By the way, in this workflow definition has placed "the image registration task manually" for simplicity. However, it would be linked by the "auto-start event" actually. That is, the paper would be imaged with a high-speed scanner capable of continuous scanning, then the image data would be set automatically. (In some cases, it may reduce labor by the OCR function at that time)

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