Workflow for Creating 'PayPal Button'

Monday, November 26, 2012
'Create a "Buy Now" button of PayPal, please !'

Today, 'Online Sell' is possible even by an individual easily. You can sell any products and services like 'Images' and 'Visiting Services' on your Web site, setting Buy buttons that you create. It only costs commission of '3.4%' + '$0.30 USD'.

Specifically, a seller logs in to "PayPal", goes to "Website Payments Standard" in "Products & Services" menu and selects the button type, then the seller can start making buttons.
  1. Single items
  2. Multiple items
  3. Automated payments

But, however,
It is not a desirable situation in which everyone in the organization can create the "Buy Now" button. Need unification for naming convention of the button (which stored in PayPal), as well as for the setting.

[PayPal button creation flow]

[PayPal button creation flow '1. Creation Request' screen]

The finished PayPal button (HTML code) should be stored on where is opened for Web designers etc. to find and to reference.

In that way, a new special sale page for example, can be created by referencing any of the buttons, and it doesn't have to be by an administrator of PayPal. You can browse the buttons (HTML code) that have been created so far at once, even if you are also using multiple PayPal account.

In such a case, it should be better set the browsing permission widely for "business data (Process Data)" that flows through the Workflow. You can reference that who and when requested it, who and when approved it, and as the result, which button was created.
It will increase convenience if you record carefully attribute information as "business data", such as the button language (Japanese or English) or the currency of settlement (JPY or USD).

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