Start a Workflow for Stock Supplementation in Dedicated Address.

Monday, November 19, 2012
Oh My Goodness, there is no more stock of printer paper!

The person who used up the last one should tell it to the General Affairs, but people tend to forget to do that.
Or, even though Affairs had been reported, it was not led to ordering.

Well, "Order Management of Office Consumables" is annoying. Nowadays, they would have been received on the day, if they only had reached in 'the ordering'.

The Workflow presented here, it is excellent on the point that anyone can report it to General Affairs in front of the MFP. (Of course, the email address is pasted on the MFP.)
That is, all he or she has to do is to send an email from mobile while waiting for the last paper being printed out. No need to walk to Affairs desk, no need to even type letters of "We've got no more printer paper".

[Used up Stock Report & Ordering flow]

[Used up Stock Report & Ordering flow '1. Report Out Of Stock' screen]

In this Workflow definition, a 'Thanks email' will be sent automatically to the reporter at finishing ordering printer paper.
Moreover, the name of the personnel of Affairs who was in charge of ordering will be inserted into the email automatically.

That's right, it will bring Peace to relationships within the company.

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