Approval Flow that Decision-making Authority will be Delegated after 3 Hours

Monday, November 12, 2012
'Can you do "proxy approval" in this Workflow system?'
Although it is a casual word, it seems like that is used in a broad sense surprisingly.
In the Japanese government" for example, assuming the various cases, internal mandate system is in place such as "agency system", "proxy officers system" or "deputy bureaucrat system".
  • A. The person in the next positions can perform the proxy processing on a case-by-case basis, only during short-term absence, such as going out for visit.
  • B. Entrust a person for particular processing of specific tasks, only during short-term absence, such as going out for visit.
  • C. Entrust a person for the full rights of all tasks, only during the absence of long-term, such as hospitalization or travel.
  • D. Always delegating authority for processing some specific tasks.
General companies might develop a rule of delegation of decision-making authority assuming a situation in which the sales manager is too busy to login the Workflow system and cannot give approval readily.

The following decision making flow is an example of an approval flow by "Proxy approval" in A pattern above.
It is a mechanism decision-making authority will be delegated to multiple proxy as well (such as the deputy general manager and deputy general manager), when the task of official approver (sales manager) [2. approval] has been left to stand for 3 hours.

[Approval flow with after 3 hours authorization delegation]

In this Workflow definition, Task "2. Approval" is aborted for being left for 3 hours, and remains approval flag is not entered, the Task flows to the task "2x. Approval". One of the deputies would take the Task and process it.

It would be a useful mechanism especially for a company that emphasizes on agility, such as "a quote must be submitted within half a day".

In addition, the official approver (sales manager) might be back online at the timing of only a few minutes behind 3 hours, and might be ready for approval. The official approver (sales manager) him/herself might be better included as Proxy approvers.

* The Approver; Leader of the Organization. Proxy Approvers; Those who are in "Deputy Manager role" of the Organization.

P.s. If "Proxy processing" occurs rarely, it is better to request to the administrator verbally to forcibly delegate.

[Approval flow with after 3 hours authorization delegation: '1. Application' screen]

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