Appropriate Concurrent Processing to Sharing Failure Information Quickly

Monday, August 6, 2012
Split is different from Fork.

If it is railroad, trains will be led to either of the tracks at switches. If it is river, water flows into both of branches at forks. When it comes to Business, some cases it splits, some cases it forks.

The following Workflow definition, is for a quick decision on "Emergency" that should be shared in-house, at the time when "the earthquake occurred" or "weather warning issuance", or even "occurrence of serious service failure". Who should do what? What is the matters to be processed concurrently? The accurate information that has been organized as a result should be told quickly.

[Emergency sharing flow]

It takes a long time to complete the whole thing, if the flow was designed only with Split, and each Task was processed one by one along 'a straight path'. It means, it will not work on operations which emergency alert must be created quickly.
In this Business flow procedures, Conditional Split and Concurrent Processing are used properly. That is, both of "the Director in charge" and "related responsible person" concurrently handles in-house announcement statement creation and commentary on facts confirmation, etc.

By the way, there are various cases of 'Joining' after Conditional Split and Concurrent Processing depending on Businesses. Please see other examples.

[Emergency sharing flow [2. Determine the Information level] screen]

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