Fully Automated Quote Creation Workflow

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
When it comes to creating Quote, it is better (1+)quick, (2+)beautiful, (3+)inexpensive.

I don't want those (3-)expensive quote, even if they are (1+)quick and (2+)beautiful.
I don't want those (2-)ugly quote, even if they are (1+)quick and (3+)inexpensive.

At least, I never want (1-)slow quote. "Quick response" is the fundamental of business.

The following workflow is " Quote Issuance Approval flow" to respond quickly to e-mail received in the Request for Quotation.
It takes the full advantage of New Features of Ver. 9 of the Cloud Based Workflow "Questetra BPM Suite"that is released yesterday (2012-08-21).

[Quote Issuance Approval flow]

In this workflow, a Quote document in PDF format will be generated automatically according to the content approved by supervisor. No need to open Excel after the approval. It can also be sent immediately by e-mail attachments.

'Whoops? If you submit quotations in the "Regular Price" you don't need to get "approval".'

That's right. If "Human judgment" is not required, workflow may be completely "automated".
I would like you to see the solution at "Online Quotation" for Questetra. When you fill out the Web form, you will receive a email attached quote in PDF form in a minutes. (I want you to try it by all means!)
Inside Questetra BPM Suite, a mechanism has been set up, that creating PDF quote automatically and attach it to an email and send it automatically. "Workflow without Human task" is the real thrill of Business Process Management activities.

[Quote Issuance Approval flow: "2. Enter Details of Quote"screen]

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