Automate Creating PDF Invoice, Labour Saving on Data Input Thoroughly

Monday, August 27, 2012
Let's automate invoice issuance. Yeah, let's do it.

Because data items to be describe on the invoice have been saved as the approval information in the Workflow, all you have to do is to insert them into the template of PDF.

By the way, here we are going to make the framework of Invoice Issuance flow.

Of course in the future, we aim to connect to 'Delivery flow' or 'Service Providing flow' which goes to issue invoices, but now, to begin with, we are going to visualize "Invoice issuance situation".

[Invoice Issuance flow]

Workflow itself, it is quite simple. However, you will know when you enter data actually, an ingenuity has been applied to the default value of "Input Form".
For example, when applied on 'Aug. 27', in the column of issuance Date "Aug. 31" is automatically inserted. Also the text that meaning "payment deadline is September 30" has been automatically inserted in the message to the billing. It is configured that so-called 'month-end closing, next month-end payment' rule is automatically inserted before the input. For customer on the rule, you don't have to input at all.

Specifically, the way how to set is to describe the following in initial value setting of each data item.
  • Issue date: #{#format(processInstanceStartDatetime.getLastTimeInMonth(), 'yyyy-MM-dd')}
  • Payment Deadline: #{#format(processInstanceStartDatetime.addMonths(1).getLastTimeInMonth(), 'yyyy-MM-dd')}
Although it is tricky, once you have set, subsequent operations will be significantly laborsaving, because it is available fairly complicated description. I really would like you to apply it. Please see for the detail of how to set initial value in 'Modeling: Available Data Types'.

In addition, also the point worth noting is that specially recorded date of accounting leader's approval.
It makes easier to search document issued 'back dated' among from Quote of the past! It is also effective in terms of the audit trail. (In reality, for the legitimate reason such as "reissue for lost", some issue in back date is done.)

"1. Enter Detail of Invoice" screen
Auto-generated PDF

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