Semi-automate Payment Confirmation and E-mail Reply after Receiving the Google Form

Monday, August 13, 2012
A Workflow will be started by somebody as an application...
Such 'internally driven' operations, there are many. However, actually there are much more of 'externally driven' operations, which is, 'operations which is triggered by requests from outside of the organization'. Moreover, 'externally driven' operations should be processed accurately along the rule.

Here, we would like to introduce a Workflow, which [1. Accept Entry for Joining Event] at "Form" of Google Drive (ex.Google Documents), [2. Automatic submit Thanks E-mail], [3. Payment Confirmation by human], [4. Automatic submit Thanks E-mail for the Payment]. (operation Corresponding to Acceptance of Applications for Event)

[Applications Acceptance flow]

There are many cases that you receive Thanks Email immediately after Web form entry. However, even if I configured to insert the applicant's name into the body of thanks Email, I still feel kind of scary, or rather sad because it is too mechanical.

In this Business Process, Human checks the Web entries. You can also add a comment if necessary. And when it pasts next 9 o'clock in the morning after the entry, a Thanks Email with default sentence will be sent automatically.

It is 'Semi-automation' of Workflow processing.

More fun! More automation!!
Questetra BPM Suite, cloud based Workflow can make it come true for free!

[Applications Acceptance flow [2. Add comment to Thanks E-mail] screen]

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