"Contrivance to Save In-house Ideas" on Workflow

Monday, April 14, 2014
An [Idea] is a seed of a businesses.
  1. Without an [idea], no flower of New Product blooms.
  2. Without an [idea], no flower of New Process blooms.
  3. Without an [idea], no flower of New Market blooms.
  4. Without an [idea], no flower of New Source blooms.
  5. Without an [idea], no flower of New Organization blooms.5

However, many [Ideas] will be gone dead in immature. That is, even if it pops up in the brain of someone, the 90% of them would evaporate without getting out from the brain, and the rest of 10%, which has luckily escaped from the brain, would extinct without being able to parasitize other brain successfully. The survival rate of [idea] is unbelievably low. (The one who came across to the idea him/herself, would totally forget about it in overnight.)

Imagine if the [Idea] could be cultivated to cherish,,,
Imagine if the [Idea] could be emanated to in-house,,,
a flower garden of innovation would spread...

The following Workflow is for collecting [Ideas] of in-house. It assumes to be used at field of product development. Unlike the "Voice of the Customer", fresh "Voice of inside company" (proposal) come gathering. Of course, "production technique that depends largely on the talent of someone" as film production and literary works, is not to be denied. However, in many organizations, a system in which superior [idea] in the organization to be used effectively should be established.

[Product Idea Development flow]

[Product Idea Development flow: "3. Appending to Idea" screen]

[Data Items List screen]

The key to success Workflow of this kind is "reverence to the idea originator".

That means, "Posting one's idea" is an "internally triggered work" which is rather intended to be voluntary, and there is no obligation to Start it. In the hope to be posted feeling free to everyone, we should not forget the feeling of gratitude to the originated Ideas, and it should be commented with utmost respect, even if how useless it was.

In this Workflow, Colleague A and Colleague B, who have been designated by the originator at the first Step, make their selection from '-2. Don't think so', '-1. Somewhat don't think so', '0. Neither of them', '+1. Somewhat think so', '+2. Think so', and if necessary, they leave their comments. From the aspect of product manager, it is an 'Idea that the reviews of the two have been further added' rather than 'just a one-man's Idea'. (Idea rating of two is summed automatically.)

Furthermore, the Product Manager would make a selection from 'Gold Idea', 'Silver Idea', 'bronze Idea', then would leave messages of gratitude to Messrs.

In addition, on the day when something is created with the Idea at a later date, workers could post comments which are associated with the Issue ID on the Enterprise Social network.

P.S.: By the way, if it goes well, Ideas will be collected day by day. When the ideas have become piled up, it is also good to consider the introduction of a "hash tag" or "category of ideas" in order to improve the searchability.

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